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Once their secrets are revealed can love heal all? Living in a small town Mia Grey has a hard enough time keeping her own uniue healing powers secret never mind those of her thirteen year old sister whose powerful telekinetic abilities grow stronger by the day Mia's discovered it's not so easy keeping a moody teenage witch on the right path while working full time in her convenience storebait shop And her pre occupation with their gorgeous new neighbor certainly isn't helping matters Jack Sutton spent seven years behind bars for a murder he didn't commit Longing for a family connection he heads to Illinois in search of an aunt he's never met He rents an auto garage in the picturesue town of Shelbyville and just starts to settle in when late one night he's stabbed in an apparent robbery He wakes the following morning with a throbbing head and an aching gut The good news is he's alive The bad news is he seems to have woken up in an episode of the Twilight Zone—with his beautiful neighbor in the starring role

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    That Magic Touch was pure magic for me I went into this book not having even read the blurb on the back so I was not expecting there to be actual magic I was expecting a normal love story but this book contained so much I love the mystery that underscores the love story I thought I had everything figured out about half way throughI was wrong Jack is a guy that has has too much crap dealt to him in his relatively young life and when he meets Mia and her sister Kat it's magic from the get go You will find funny and serious situations throughout the book and I snickered a few times Light mystery fun love and magic; what do you need for a pleasant readI was given a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review

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    This was an ok read The author jumps around a lot between characters which was somewhat irritating as a romance reader Some readers might appreciate how that would add to the story but I felt it took away from Jack and Miawhich I wanted them to be the main focus I want a story to be developed enough to not get boring but I also need the focus to be on the couple and how their feelings grow I liked Jack He was a really nice upstanding guy despite his rough past I think you learn about his backstory in another series This was my first book by Rogers so I did not read the novel where he was first introduced You don't really miss anything but you could feel there was to the story I would have thought the sisters being witches would have been a big development but it's literally like a side note Jack doesn't even blink at the fact that he's dating a girl that has and could wipe his memoryor that she brought his back to life at one point It was just a little shocking how cavalier everyone was about the supernatural abilities Both Jack and Mia seem to have way too much drama going on for a short period of time It seemed like every chapter someone was trying to kill them obviously not successfully Half way through the book it got really old Everything was just delivered very bluntlythis happened then a few lines of dialoguethen this happened now a few lines of dialogue I don't know what else to say about the book It was enjoyable to an extent but after a while the book just became stale The book has such short interludes that you just couldn't connect with the characters It just wasn't developed enough to make me addicted to the story

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    I was gifted this book from the author through And was so happy to find that it was a wonderfully written light read about 2 people who thought they would never be able to find a love who could overlook their differences and pasts I enjoyed learning about these characters as the story unfolded and they learned about each other and even about themselves I loved the way that families stood together stood up for each other and were there for each other How one sister taught her children to love her sister and her sister's son even though there was a great chance they would never meet And I always love a small town and all the blessings and burdens that come with life in a small town

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    Very goodI was tricked a bit in the mysterynpartnof the story so kudos for that 😁 And even though the romance was a bit insta love the conclusion was a slow build A Very good read A lot of plot lines and characters but I didn't have any difficulty keeping them straight

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    Decent readInteresting but over complacent story There were like four or storylines that in a rush became one It just felt like to much was going onA few typos Overall decent read

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    Wow so much going on in this intriguing read Liked both Mia And Jack along with the supporting characters Plenty of surprises and twists to keep your attention along with a little heat Looking forward to in the series

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    Once again knocked it out of the parkOnce again knocked it out of the parksheer genius This book had a little of everything all rolled into one For those who enjoy romantic suspense paranormal comedy family ties lost family found there's a little something for everyone The main characters are all a little adrift at the start of this novel It's nice to see how they each lower their personal defenses to allow people in Humor is laced throughout by the witty comments of Kat the younger sister of the female lead I truly look forward to seeing what happens to these amazing characters in future books Just like with her Jameson Family series each book brings us closer to knowing about everyone Hopefully we will learn about this amazing small town they found themselves a new home in I look forward to books in this series I will now put all future books by this author on my must read list after the Jameson series and now this I have no doubt I will happily read anything to come

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    Decent story with holesI thought this was a decent story but it had a bunch of holes If Jack's mom and girlfriend wanted a baby together why was Jack put in foster care after his mom died instead of being raised by Bev or why didn't Bev call his mom's sister to keep him out of foster care if she didn't have custody She helped raise him as a parent for 9 yrs How did he get his hands on a letter from his aunt written to his mother 18 yrs after her death after he had been in prison for 7 yrs Why wouldn't Mia call the cops when she knew Tim tried to kidnap Kat Why was John so dependent on his chauffeur for everything Why would he only suspect his sister when the chauffeur was the only one who knew where all his kids lived Just to many holes to make this a good read in my book

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    Pretty cute mysterysupernatural book I liked our lead uite a bit despite all that he had been through he had a good head on his shoulders and was respectable Our heroine she was doing her best to keep things going for her and her sister but dealing with an angsty teen witch is not easy in the least There were multiple story linesmysteries interwoven in this book that I liked And I enjoyed that I didnt immediately predict who some of the bad guys were or their motives Generally a cute little somewhat supernatural mystery novel that I enjoyed