ePUB Sharon Teal-Coray Æ Æ Southwest Flair MOBI ð

Sharon Teal Coray shares detailed explanations for her methods of painting realistic baskets furs blankets and pottery These techniues are then put to practice in five wonderful paintings The book provides patterns and step by step instructions for painting all the designs plus information on supplies and general instructions Stapled 52 pages plus 32 page pattern insert 5 Designs Ancient Gifts pottery and a basket on a fur with chile peppers; Ancient Zuni Olla a woven blanket is background for pottery a basket beads and feathers; Flute Music a woven blanket is background for a basket pottery long handle drinking bowl and Kokopelli images; Red Hot Peppers pottery vase of chile peppers beside a bowl and a coiled basket; and Southwestern Treasures striped blanket strewn with a fur beads and pottery

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