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Developments in the Arctic and Antarctica continue to be the subject of growing public interest and academic political scientific and media discourse The global magnitude of the changes that are currently taking place in the Polar Regions also influence legal developments Further the growing importance of both the Arctic and the Antarctica in various areas of global regional national and sub national development reuires further inuiry into the role of law in dealing with many of the current and emerging issues relevant to both Poles Although law is not a panacea for all issues it has its own role to play in dealing with many of them” This textbook represents the outcome of a cooperative process between an international group of well known experts in the area of Polar law and related studies Polar Law Textbook II further draws upon Polar law as an evolving and developing field of studies which is gaining increasing recognition and intersects with many other areas in the social sciences and humanities It explores a variety of legal issues in the Arctic and Antarctica ie uestions of human rights law environmental law law of the sea continental shelf climate change energy law resources indigenous peoples’ rights etc but also covers the relevant aspects of geopolitics security governance search and rescue biodiversity devolution institutions eg the Arctic Council and political developments

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