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Sixty years ago there was one great challenge remaining in world sport the four minute mile For decades other athletes had come close only to fail to uite crack the four minute barrier There were rumours that it was impossible and doctors and coaches had warned that people might die in the attempt But three young graduates from Oxford and Cambridge would in May 1954 prove them wrong Amateurs and proud of it they all had challenging careers and could only snatch 45 minutes in their lunch hour to train for this epic achievement And yet they beat off top competition from around the world including a well financed team from the United States When Roger Bannister paced by Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway raced across the finishing line in 3594 it was a global media sensation and a tonic to an austere post war Britain Their struggle to be the first to break this barrier is still an inspiration and provides a legacy for young athletes today “My race became a symbol for taking on a challenge said Roger Bannister I like to look at this world record as a metaphor not only for sport but for life and all of its challenges” Why was it that no one before had managed to break the magical 4 minute barrier? And how did an amateur athlete from the UK manage to beat professional runners from around the world? Based on new interviews with the main runner ‘Against the Clock Running the 4 Minute Mile’ tells the story of Roger Bannister’s struggle his team mates his opponents and his ultimate victory as the world watched him break the seemingly unattainable 4 minute mile John Bryant is currently chairman of the London Marathon Trust As a life long athlete Oxford Blue country champion British Universities student international and coach to an Olympic athlete he has an unrivalled insight into the world of athletics and the minds of runners He is the biographer of Chris Brasher as well as author of ‘Olympic Game’ and ‘Lord of the Olympics’ He lives in Kingston upon Thames Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books

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    Decent short read on the events that led to Roger Bannister running the first sub four minute mile in 1954 summarizing the contenders to break the mark and their paths to get there Not too deep but plenty of solid first hand uotes make it worth reading for those interested

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    I enjoyed learning about the players involved and particularly about the amateur nature of the sport at the time