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Are you a reluctant entrepreneur? You’re someone who has a professional skill–a therapist app developer technical writer event planner or even cat wrangler You love what you do You don’t want to work for someone else And the thought of running a business makes your blood run cold Yep you’re a reluctant entrepreneur Mary Ellen Bates is a no longer reluctant entrepreneur who in her 20 years of self employment has discovered that it’s possible to run a profitable business and have fun at the same time In The Reluctant Entrepreneur she shares her approach for making a living doing what you love for people who value what you do

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    Entrepreneurs make choices at the 'last best moment' making the best choice given what they know at the time 15 Entrepreneurs who offer a highly personalized service need to be able to market themselves; their clients are buying a specific person 31 It's my responsibility to look at my client's end result and to figure out my role in getting her to her goal 38 The most effective way to battle your what ifs is to simply act like the confident competent person that you would like to be seen as 38

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    Practical and comprehensive The author covers many topics for budding entrepreneurs who need a clear picture of what to expect and how to proceed