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Storm clouds gather over Westeros in the fifth installment of Daniel Abraham's gripping adaptation of George R R Martin's fantasy masterpiece A Game of Thrones A childish game gone horribly wrong pits Arya Stark against Prince Joffrey with Sansa Stark in the middle But behind youthful rivalries cold blooded political intrigue is at work as ueen Cersei uses all her wiles to blunt the influence of Eddard Stark the Hand of the King Meanwhile Lady Catelyn has journeyed to King's Landing with the blade used in the attempted assassination of her son Bran evidence that will upset a precarious balance of power And in Winterfell a dying Bran takes a mystical journey and faces a fateful choice

10 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones #5

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    Probably my last comic The pics are stunning but just not enough story

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    We get to one of the most heart breaking moments of all of season one view spoilerLady is dead cries in a corner hide spoiler

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    Having ploughed through the 5 books so far of the series I feel as if I have been through the wringer savage brutal calculating good story But poorly written; ridiculously over wordy; confusingHe writes on the one hand in a Victorian style too many sometimes odd words and then throws in a modern Americanism eg she looked down at her pinky toes if he is trying to write in English style as in England words like that are completely alien

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    I've read book 5 three times Gets better every time

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    in this issue we see A spoilt prince gets what he deserved A innocent pays the price the boy wakes upThis was a sad one I don't know why but it is always sadder to see a dog it's a wolf but 'potatopatato' die than to see a human die The villeins have been cast Can't wait to see them suffer So I know what happens but one can fool themselves

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    Stupid Joffrey 🤬🤬🤬Poor Lady 😭😭

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    Love how much politics are discussed in the book Also how children are always put behind the older people The adults will know but the lie Easy to read Like Arya in this book and of course the story of the hound

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    This is review is for the entire series Yes despite all the flaws mentioned by the reviewers which are probably true the book is a five star read It's brilliantly written and compels you to keep reading So what if the books end abruptly and you have to buy the next one You get plenty of bang for your buck And yes there were some predictable moments but there were plenty of surprises too The writing is fresh and compelling and the characters are interesting and memorable I'm not sure what readers are looking for exactly when they crack open a book but they need to lighten up For a nominal fee you will get hours of entertainment Buy it You won't be sorry Makes a good gift too as most people like it

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    Ok Finally things are picking up the comics are progressing uite nicely Gory scenes are a nice addition as well You all know how I feel about the characters so no need to continue bashing it in each and every review I do for the comicsOverall I am slowly and very slowly starting to tolerate them It could be far better though

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    books 4 5 are part 1 part 2 of the same series but this book is all about the politics of Kings Landing and the seven kingdoms Book 5 is all about the Outerlands and the wall I liked this book then I liked 5 but it is because I like the stories of the seven kingdoms better not because either book is better then the other