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Will Mortimer is devastated when his perfect girlfriend Stacy decides to call it uits with him Disappointed and heartbroken he decides to go to Ibiza in what will be one of the most amazing epic trips of his life

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    It's ok but kinda stupid tooIt's an ok story but really kinda stupid too I find it hard to believe that I read the same story as all the people who gave it a five star reviewI can't imagine any man would be as stupid as Will is portrayed to be It's just not very realistic In the end he realized what Stacey really was but to even think that it would take someone who is supposedly educated that long to figure it out it's kind of ridiculous It's a very short book A complete waste for the money paid I'm sad to say It really would've been an okay story if Will hadn't been portrayed as being so stupid That really irritated me for some reason