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This is the first 35000 words to the book Alyssa's Redemption as a free sampler You can purchase the remaining 50000 words in Part Two separately or purchase the book as a whole Alyssa Camden ran after her ex Eric Lewis destroyed her world but apparently she didn't run far enough When Eric's older brother Cameron steps back into her world by buying the sleazy bar she's working in she has nowhere left to run She's highly attracted to him which terrifies her but not as much as when Eric steps back into the picture to make her life a living hell As Cameron and Alyssa get to know each other again will Eric's reappearance destroy what they've found? Warning This book is intended for audiences 18 years of age

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    I really enjoyed the first part We see Alyssa struggling with herself and her past and figuring out if she can move past it enough to let Cameron in I highly recommend this and I'm off to download the second part to see how it ends

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    This is the 1st book I read by Karly Morgan I loved the book's story line I loved Alyssa's character I thought Alyssa was very strong tough for what she went through I loved Cameron's character also I loved how Cameron protected Alyssa I didn't like Eric at all I loved what Cameron Jake did to Eric I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series Awesome job Ms Morgan

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    She isn't use to being spoiled He buys her food clothes and has given her a home as well because his brother is a douche and trashed her life and her apartment

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    25 stars

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    I enjoyed this book very much It was a pretty intriguing read I will definitely be checking out from this author

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    Loved Alyssa's story I found it a very intriguing book I'm voluntarily leaving an honest review for a copy of the book

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    Part one of twoCliffhanger endingIt probably happens all the time but I’ve never come across it little wonder I confused myself Alyssa’s Redemption comes in two formats One is the full length pay novel the other is the same story broken up into two parts I hope this ploy is working for the author Part two you pay part one is free the latter is the version I mistakenly downloaded after reading the full story review on another page in here My head was firmly pulled out of the clouds when I realised I’d downloaded part one with a cliffhanger ending Gah I detest ch endings with a vengeance Still I can’t blame the author for my lack of attention to detail My badAnyway part oneNo one is surprised than Cameron when he purchases a dump of a bar only to find his younger brother Eric's ex Alyssa working her touchie off To Cam she’s clearly fallen on hard times she’s thin underpaid overworked and living day to day she is no longer the happy woman he remembered on his brother’s arm As the details of Eric and Alyssa’s split is slowly revealed Cam’s protective instincts kick in and he’s determined to become her knight in shining armour Why Eric’s behaviour changed so dramatically will no doubt be explained fully in part two also that little incident between sleaze bag Marcus and Stella is a loose end that I expect Cam to take care of as wellI'll never know since I don't buy into these 'buy one get one free' marketing ploys

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    The only thing I liked about this book was the new men in Alyssa's life all stand up for her and believe in her The story cuts off at a part that isn't even interesting and doesn't leave you in suspense until you read the rest There are several parts that are redundant like the way Alyssa makes hot chocolate and cleans up her kitchen Also writing number after PIN is redundant The 'N' in PIN stands for number I can almost like Cameron's character but he has no depth Basically he has the hots for Alyssa and wants to beat the crap out of his brother The book doesn't tell you much about his past so we don't know how he has the money to even buy a bar let alone all the things he buys for Alyssa We don't know why he even bought a bar in the first place Alyssa's character has a lot back story and depth I just got tired of reading the play by play routine of her making hot chocolate First you take out one of the two mugs you own Next you microwave water Yeah most people know how to make instant cocoa in a hurry and we don't need a step by step Especially than onceThe plot was okay but obviously incomplete since this is not the full story That's about the end of my rant

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    READ AS PART OF THE HEARTS ON FIRE ANTHOLOGYAside from the fact that Alyssa is still half in love with a man that not only cheated on her with a friend but also beat her so bad that she miscarried and then lied about it so well that close friends and even her own family didn't believe her she also continually tries to stop this same man from getting his ass beat which he truly deserves but on top of all that this crazy ass book ends on one of the most ridiculous CLIFFHANGERS ever 'Enough said

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    I had this in my kindle for a while and each time I opened it I couldn't get into it but thought I should at least give it a try Wrong move This book was so boring I was skimming over a lot of the rubbish wording What could've been said in a few words took up whole pages As I said it just dragged on and I was hoping to get something worth getting excited over but no It didn't happen I won't buy the next book or look for anything by this author