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Blade Heart by Chris Lange by Cheryl Holt then you will not be able to put down this absolute treat Because she trusted him the fate of the world is in her handsIcon of the United States of America New York is Cara’s city—until one sunny afternoon when she wakes up in a beautiful meadow Light clouds float in the blue sky a mild breeze dances in the branches of a maple tree and the air smells of freshness But New York has disappearedWhen Cara opens her eyes she finds a complete stranger standing too close for comfort and he seems to know all about her If she wants to find her way back home she must stay with him Obnoxious as he appears she has to turn to him for protection when confronted with enemies she never knew she hadThese enemies know of an ancient prophecy They believe Cara is the only one who can change it and they will do anything to stop herAs Cara tries to outwit and outrun them her heart starts to beat for the stranger Only to discover that his heart is deadChris Lange About the Author Chris Lange is a sensual romance author and a dreamer She daydreams nightdreams Mondaydreams weekenddreams springdreams winterdreams Then she writes Welcome to her fantasy world

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    5 AWESOME EXCITING SUPERHOT STARSI love sinking into a fantastic story and Blade Heart lived up to the challenge This is an awesome magical adventure with true characters who grab you from page 1 to the end I cannot recommend it enough

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    Here is another fantastic story by Chris Lange This is the longest story from her yet I have to say this is such a great story It is set in the same world that Blind to Men is set in but it is set farther into the future Her main character is Cara and when she wakes up in the lap of a strange man in a strange place she is very confused The very HOT and very Handsome Man tells her his name is Dead He ties her hands and tells her she has to go with him This starts the adventure that is full of action and lots and lots of HOT HOTYou know what I am talking about The two main characters can not stay away from each other I really love the strength that Cara has in her She takes no BS from anyone Along the way they come across some very evil characters Oh did I mention that there is a dragon in the story If you like fantasy then you will appreciate this book Be advised that this is a very erotic fantasy I recommend it to 18 and up

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    AMAZING STORYFull review coming up

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    I love when you can truly escape into the pages of a book To this day I’ve been able to do so with each of Chris Lange’s work no matter how long or how short So fun vivid exciting mysterious surprising and always a great HEA A definite must read for all fans of the genre Cara awakens one day in a strange place Doing something verystrange and next to a complete stranger Realizing she’s no longer in New York stunned she doesn't know who she is or where So freaks a bit Can this mysterious and very handsome stranger really help her figure it all out and who is HE?Death has secrets a ton of them He also has never felt even a thread of what he currently feels since he found this lovely woman He has many uestions for her and himself Can he trust her and who is she really?I love the fact Chris mentioned one of the stories from a previous favorite of mine Blind to Men within the pages of Blade Heart She also had appearances from my favorite fantastical being ever dragonsMy only complaint is the ending It seemed to cut off Maybe there’s going to be a book 2? I sure hope so I’d love to see what’s to become of Death and Cara

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    As erotic fairytales go this is as good as it gets

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    The best erotic fairytale I've read in a very long time

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    While fantasy is not my typical genre there are a few exceptions This is one of them Fantastically written this is truly a mystery romance drama fantasy suspense thrillerI could not put this down But that is typical from any of the books written by Chris Lange This like the others crosses boundaries to truly bring you into another world It is hard to describe without giving anything away but this is something that I never guessed The twists and turns are true surprises down to the last page It does nothing but to prick almost every emotion possible and make you want

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    Very imaginative and well written