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The Mackenzies Boxed Set containingBook 1 The PA's RevengeCassandra Lee is determined to exact revenge on the man she believes to be responsible for the death of her father and son She studies his business and becomes his PA with the aim of sabotaging his fortune But one thing she's not prepared for is to be seduced by the powerful and sexy Dallas Mackenzie She just hopes that his interest—and her resistance—will hold out long enough to ruin himBook 2 The Marriage TrapA shepherd’s hut twenty four hours a stranger” It’s not the perfect start to Gemma Winters’ new life but when she finds herself isolated with a handsome stranger the demands of her body take over Callum Mackenzie's only real love affair is with his land But the night of passion he shares with Gemma has shattering conseuences—marriage and two people forced to face their worst fearsBook 3 The Cowboy's CravingOne macho cowboy one nerdy astronomer and a heartache that neither could have seen in the stars Morgan West is than happy to satisfy astronomer Rebecca Mayhew's curiosity about the sensual side of life But instead of their physical relationship clarifying things Rebecca's neat world unravels revealing painful pasts that have the potential to explode than just their own worldsBook 4 The Playboy's RedemptionJames Mackenzie is tired of his shallow lifestyle and wants a family But before he begins his new life he wants to secure the future of the woman he wronged ten years before The last thing Susie Henderson needs is her ex lover buying the winery in which she works and threatening her independence Because how can she trust someone who betrayed her someone who doesn't even believe in himself?

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