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PT Thomas is famous for writing hunting articles for magazines PT's signature article is about killing a bear with a spear PT once described the reason for his popularity Most hunting articles were cookie cutter stuff a string of advertisements held together by a guided hunt We hired this outfitter he had a great lodge This great guide showed us a great animal I shot the great animal If you want to do this great hunt just contact the outfitter My stories broke the mold real hunts by a real hunter Now seventy years old PT is retired and living uietly in MontanaDan Ronn is a marketing genius who believes that hunting books are the new hot trend He wants to make a greatest hits book of PT's wildest hunting stories Dan has invested every cent he has and many he doesn't into the marketing plan for PT's bookThe Iceman is an eco terrorist assassin who wages his own private war to save the earth The Iceman fears PT’s book will encourage thousands of new hunters rednecks on ATVs destroying the earth's fragile environment The Iceman believes the earth will be healthier if the book fails and if he has to he will kill PT and Dan to accomplish that missionWhen Dan arrives at PT house to clarify some last minute details before starting their book tour PT has disappeared Dan must track PT down in order to save the book and his bank account Dan finds himself stranded in the Alaskan wilderness hunted by the Iceman carrying a sniper rifle Armed with a22 handgun loaded with two bullets and a spear PT once used to kill a bear Dan must fight or flee to stay alivePT told Dan about a rule he has regarding hunting trips everybody comes home and if that's not possible every body comes home The Iceman is determined that Dan will break that ruleOff to See the Varmint is a modern day western only instead of cowboys think hunters Instead of stagecoach robbers think serial killer In a western the good guy always wins In a modern western does the hunter win?

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