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“It isn’t a matter of trust Dusty It’s professional ethics You’re not an employee and you’re not assigned to the case”I felt her arms around my shoulders and figured she’d decided to drop the subject in favor of a physical pleasure when her hand slipped inside my jacket and deftly removed my wallet from the inside pocket “And just what are you doing young lady?”Ignoring me she opened the wallet riffled through the paper money and extracted a five“Is that for my share of supper?”“No supper is on me This is my retainer”Convinced that her uncle Walter’s suicide was actually murder Kari Spencer asks Private Investigator Paul Birch to look into the matter Though he’s not convinced Birch is willing to spend some time putting her fears to restHis investigation focuses on The Tontine an art gallery where the dead man was part owner and where the partners have strong differences of opinion over how the business should be run The deeper he probes the murkier the investigation becomes; to make matters worse Dusty Birch’s insatiably curious writer girlfriend becomes interested in the case and starts her own investigationAs Birch picks his way through a series of threatening letters uestionable ethical practices a uirky will a mysterious twin brother and a second death what should have been a simple case turns into a deadly trap for Birch and the woman he loves

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    As an advance readerreviewer for than one company you soon realize that you can't always praise a novel for greatness Occasionally you get one that just doesn't sit well with you Other times you may get a book that again is not a masterpiece but it sticks with you And sticks And sticks I received an egalley of this book a few months back and read it as soon as it loaded into my phone i use a kindle app because i'm an old school hardcover snob and refuse to actually buy into the ereader culture lol So I've had this story finished for awhile and it's still knocking around in my head D'Ammassa doesn't blind you with brilliance or baffle you with bullshit He lays out a very average very human character who rather than being tasked with saving the worldcitydamsel in distress although that does show up toward the end with its own slightly sideways twist is instead just trying to figure out why I'm not a huge fan of mysteries even though I've read uite a few props to George Chesbro and Glen Cook because I figure them out too early and spend the rest of the book going uh yupyepyeah that's what i thought unh hmm etc Paul Birch hasn't left anything to wonder about as this novel is complete in and of itself but Dusty Birch's Significant Othersuffice to say that I'm definitely waiting for the seuels because that woman just makes me feel like there's a whole lot there than meets the eyeEasy 35 stars Mr D'Ammassa can't wait for the next book

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    NOTE I got an advance reader of this bookI'm a mystery reader from a family of mystery readers I've read Parker and Wolfe and Block and Chandler and Hammett and Sneaky Pie Brown and Westlake okay like capers there and Boris Akunin and Donna Leon and Colin Cotterill and well the list goes onDeath at the Art Gallery isn't a cozy but it also isn't a bloody knuckles bullet filled bruiser either Birch's detached nature and not dramatic detective work is very appealing and especially later in the book his voice becomes a strong and interesting without being too detachedIt's one thing to meet a character in bits and pieces And I like dry personalities and dry wits However early on the book which has a leisurely pace to begin with is glacial and rather repetitive in the first thirdAll in all an interesting bookespecially so because it's not a cozyand it's not bloody and violence filled but it is the first in a series and there are some first book in a series issues

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    I received an advanced reader copy of this book from the publisher with the expectation I’d write a reviewThis is a slow paced traditional mystery Low stakes little emotion and low tension If you like the idea of a detached PI solving a death in an art gallery you may enjoy figuring out who the murderer is and their motive I did feel that it was an extremely slow starting story due to the introduction of many characters in the PI firm that are truly not important to the plot There is also unneeded discussion of other clients and their work that bogs the story down It felt like the author wanted to create a well rounded and realistic work setting for his sleuth but it works against the pace of his story And if you don’t mind phrases like ‘sipped hot liuid’ when drank coffee would do it’s a different setting and there are enough suspects to keep you searching for culprit It also feels like the story takes place a long time ago with characters reading newspapers and sporadic use of cell phones By the time I reached the end I totally had forgotten who one of the key players in the resolution was and how they connected to the victim It was not an aha moment for me

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    This is the first book I've read by Don D'ammassa tho it was a little slow in the beginning I really liked his style of writing The story line did pick up after the first 50 pages I found the plot enjoyable I would definitely read something else by this author

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