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From the chaotic forceful mind of RJ Smith erupts this stunning summer masterpiece of destruction conspiracy and intrigue It's not a uestion of if Cumbre Vieja collapses but simply a uestion of when As the Canary Island volcano experiences a major earthuake many suppose it's just a local disaster Enter Dr Samuel May a crackerjack world renowned volcanologist who's predicted the uake would result in the collapse of the western ridge causing a catastrophic tsunami Shuffled to the United Nations he must convince world delegates to evacuate London the east coast of the United States and the Caribbean Nobody believes it That is until the ridge shows signs of collapse But this isn't half of the story After the Roman Catholic Church names its new pope Callixtus the Fourth the 45 year old pontiff stumbles onto ancient secrets which lead him to the island of Tenerife He soon realizes Earth is nothing than a science project and extraterrestrials have begun to shut down the planet in a series of natural Cataclysms Arriving at the Basilica of Candelaria he finds its too late The earthuake has begun and the volcano is slipping towards the sea What follows is a race against time to evacuate countries at risk of annihilation But perhaps the leader of Earth's 12 billion Catholics can save the day if only he can convince the alien race that humanity is worth saving But first the pope must navigate an assassination plot The Jesuits want him dead Will he make it back to Rome in time to save the world? Or will life as we know it end?

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    After receiving Cataclysm by RJ Smith through a second chance giveaway I couldn't wait to get started reading it right away I was not disappointed It appears at first glance to be a world ending disaster but it is really so much Dr Samuel May and his wife Dr Tish Harriet both volcanologists long ago foretold the likelihood of the collapse of the side of an island if the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupts and predicted that such an occurence would cause a super tsunami that will reach along the western coast of Europe and the eastern coast of the United States causing major damages and loss of life They were ignored and basically labeled doomsayers Cataclysm opens with the start of the foretold events triggered by an 89 earthuake Dr Samuel May rushes to an emergency meeting in an attempt to convince the appropriate countries that his predictions are correct and immediate action is reuired Even after witnessing the collapse of half and island into the sea via satellite feed some government leaders are still reluctant to take appropriate action within the few hours left until the tsunamis start making landfallNow if that were the only issue going on this novel would read just like a disaster movie plays and still be good but is going on throughout the story which the reader is fed piecemeal as the narrative point of view changes from character to character and location to location I thought that would bother me but the transitions were so smoothe and the print font changed with the characters so it was always easy to follow There was even a uniue addition to an extraordinary novel as the author added little asides comments and advice where to research the net for the validity of facts set forth in the novel This story has it all from the obvious disaster aspect to events that seemed peeled from current headlines conspiracy theories long ago prophecies and modern day scientific research all set in a realistic run of events that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat waiting for what comes next in the non stop action suspenseThe depth of the descriptive writing and location info puts the readers right in the scenes The descriptions reach all of the senses the sights sounds smells of the action going on throughout the novel as if you were right there with the characters I could actually recognize the accuracy of the locations that were described that I have previously visitedOverall this novel was just amazing enjoyable and a must read Get your copy today

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    Reading on a plane the cruise shipor a beautiful exotic beach this summer? Then I have the perfect vacation read for you Buckel your seatbelt and make sure your life preserver is within arms reach; you just might need them Cataclysm is the second novel from unconventional novelist and screen writer RJ Smith and is this summer's first high octane adventure Seperated when the disaster begins the story follows husband and wife volcanologists as they as struggle to survive the worst geological disaster in recorded history and save as many people as they can This novel hosted small explosive chapters keeping me on the edge of my seat anticipating certain death for main secondary and background characters alike as a killer tsunami sweeps across the atlantic ocean I read the paperback which is the only way to read Mr Smith's work He doesn't format his work into tiny souless boxes of letters on thin cheap paper The stock is thicker allowing for single page turns every time and the font is easily readable even in low light Mr Smith's narrative style is like nothing I have seen in the market today It is rememisent of the illuminated manucripts of the renaissance This uniue method of changing fonts enhances the emotion and humor of his story while warding off reading hypnosisThis novel is populated by realisitic characters who have their own individual voice uniue dialog structure and well crafted accents when necessary This cast of characters provides someone for every reader to like root for and condemn On the surface one might think find the plot ripped from a Syfy Channel Saturday Night Original but it is the sub text which bursts through and makes Cataclysm shine This is a disaster epic is grounded in the philosophic and would keep book clubs knee deep in conversation of weeks Is Cataclysm worth the price and the time to read it? Absolutely In fact when you release that last held breath and sit back in your chair to take the whole of the journey in you may be of the opinion that its worth double

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    Cataclysm by RJ Smith is an exciting and suspenseful read Yes I am biased However I think it is important to let you the reader know that the plot characters and descriptive scene setting took my attention away from the editing process many times From the BETA read to the final edit Mr Smith’s uniue writing style thrilled and entertained meThe human experience exhibited through realistic characters accurate depiction of scene locations along with the combination of current events and scientific research mixed with ancient and current conspiracy theories is what makes this a fantastic read

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    This novel draws you in from the beginning and never lets you go until the end Not to spoil it for everyone but let's just say there is a twist in the book that I never saw comingjust BRILLIANT writing I was uite taken by the fact that even the Pope was doing his part to save mankind from the Cataclysm I haven't read a book like this in such a long time that took you on a whirlwind of a read Non stop action I enjoyed this novel and highly recommend this book RJ is definitely a next breed of writers and I can't wait to read from him

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    Cataclysm by RJ Smith was a totally different read for me I've seen a lot of natural disaster movies but never read one until Cataclysm occurred I loved the shark scenes and can uite happily say that I could really picture the body parts resurfacing the waters with a plop plop plop At one point I thought of a scene from the movie Sharknado where someone is inhaled by a shark and then sometime later uses a chainsaw to escape I'm thankful that RJ Smith didn't use a similar theme as he makes his novel realistic and extremely scarily believableAll the characters are very strong and well rounded I was really rooting for a couple of them to escape the horrors of the story they were thrust headlong intoDuring the book the author added live streaming links which came as a nice surprise whilst reading on my ipad There were also a couple of colour logos which added texture to the novel The author uses different fonts during his written work which really makes his books have a different feel to your average bookThis is the second novel by RJ Smith that I have had the great pleasure of reading the first being The Santa Claus Killer The author really made me as the reader feel as though I am riding along in a Hollywood movie The scenes are splashing through my mind as I read and that takes a real talent I'm really looking forward to seeing his books in the cinema in the near future They will be loved worldwide that I can be sure ofMany Thanks to the author for granting me a copy of his book Cataclysm in exchange for a fair and honest review I'm really looking forward to his next novel

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    I was so excited to win this book in a second chance contest I love catastrophe stories I love sci fi channels made for tv disaster movies Having said that I did not love this bookHave you ever heard the expression everything but the kitchen sink? That is how I felt about this book Not an excited what next but an annoyed what now In jumping every 2 3 pages to another person it kept me from getting to likecare about any of the people I also hated that every time a serious scene was being described glib tongue in cheek jokes puns or sarcastic comments would pop up The world is being destroyed and they are being glib I also hate having to break out a dictionary to look up words I cringed at the overly wordy descriptions This book had so much promise but just to much going against it

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    In his second novel author RJ Smith once again pulls his reader into an intricate thrilling plot with ironic twists to save the world of planet Earth from mass destruction via a volcanic collapse earthuake and cataclysmic tsunami Smith's uniue writing style has the foresight of taking time to let us fully understand and feel what is inside each character's mind heart and motivation including the Pope who discovers a secret that compels him to beat the clock and save humanity Each chapter in itself is a complicated and juicy roller coaster ride that keeps you on the edge till story's end An unusual author's feat to write a book that can't be put down I love when a book like this is written Makes me feel my money wasn't wasted

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    This might be the most faced paced book I've ever read From page one the action and suspense was non stop The author draws outside of the lines a little from time to time in his writing style even going so far as breaking the fourth wall a few times but I found it to be very entertaining Clearly well researched thrilling and a ton of fun to read

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    RJ Smith's cataclysm is full of suspense from the very first word to the last The storyline is uniue for a disaster book Thanks to Goodreadscom i recieved my copy of cataclysm absolutely FREE

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    Let's see what do we have in this story?Volcanic eruptionMega tasunamiThe PopeThe Dark PopeThe IlluminatiJawsPoseidon AdventureA scientist no one believes at firstA monster in a chamber under the Sistine chapelAlien mothershipAssassination attemptThe Third Secret of FatimaThe origin of the human raceThe Day the World Stood StillThe AnnunakiProject LuciferMassive numbers of people dyingIndependence DayParts of the book considered to be factual by the authorIt almost becomes too much for one book but the author does manage to pull it off There's continual action politics normal stupidity of some people bravery revelation and so on It's probably the most complex disaster novel I've read It's also good There are parts though that delve into conspiracy theories that have either been totally disproven or lack solid proof