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A friends to lovers fun and sexy romance Maisey Graham’s desperate to devise a new advertising campaign for her confectionery shop Treats to Tempt You The youngest of her group of friends she’s determined to prove she’s not as ditzy and inept as they all seem to think she is After witnessing her brother’s gorgeous best mate local GP Joss Heaven working out at the gym Maisey has an idea photographs of sexy guys eating chocolate trufflesJoss isn’t keen on taking part He has far too much on his plate with his demanding job and family problems And the thought of everyone in town staring at pictures of his chocolate covered crown jewels doesn’t appeal either Plus her brother has threatened to kill him if he so much as kisses Maisey But the crackpot chocolatier is surprisingly persuasiveMaisey does her best to resist the best looking guy in the whole of New Zealand But when the chocolate starts to melt on Joss’s warm body it seems only polite to offer to lick it off And that’s where the problems startWarning contains enough laughter and loving to keep you up all night Chocoholics beware—this story will make you want to lick melted chocolate off the nearest good looking guy

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    4 for Maisey and Dr JossTreat her Right is the second in the Treats to Tempt You series This time around Maisey has a fling with her big brother's best friend Dr Joss HeavenThey have been friends forever but Maisey was in put in the no fly zone by her big brother Kole to all his friends The attraction is strong between them and one night after a party at the shop throw in some chocolate and a sexy topless Joss Maisey makes Joss an offer he cannot refuse and they finally give into temptationThese two are hot together Joss certainly sends Maisey to heaven ; and Joss discovers that Maisey is not as innocent as he thought and that there is to her than glitter and sparklesThey are both dealing with issues Maisey has a daily battle and Joss has family problems Will these get in the way? What will happen when their secret comes out? What will Kole do?I felt sorry for Maisey the way her family treat her especially her mum hate her and even Joss at times so what if she likes colourful clothing and cute slippers I had tears in my eyes with the final chapterI am really enjoying this series makes me crave chocolate and coffee while reading three read two to go

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    4 StarsI really liked this book though it had me at odds several times in the bookThe characters were cute together but not over the top all in love Something to me felt like it was missing The sex was hotHappy Sexy Reading

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    Joss was a selfish taker and mean with it I didn't care for him at allThe balance of power between them is way off He's going to continue to hurt her I don't foresee a happy ever after for these two

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    As I wrote in my review for the previous book in this series I've decided to binge this series while waiting for the next Billionaire Kings release The second book is about Maisey Kole's sister from book one and Joss a doctor and Kole's best friend Maisey asks Joss to pose seductively for a promo image for her chocolate shop and sparks begin to fly between the two but they must keep their fling a secret from Kole who forbade Joss from going near his sister Compared to the previous book this was a much mundane read and I don't mean that in a bad way There weren't any major gimmicks or tropes not that I don't love some of those too but I loved how Maisey and Joss's relationship developed so naturally The issues that they faced felt so real and it was exactly how I would imagine a real life brother's best friend relationship developing Their chemistry was amazing and like the last book the sex scenes were super steamy I also want to give a shoutout to Maisey for being one of my favourite female book characters ever Her struggle with depression was so real and authentic I loved how the author didn't make depression define her while still acknowledging that just because she was bright and bubbly on the outside that didn't mean she wasn't suffering internally Her struggle to be seen as mature by her brother and Joss was also really well written and Joss's apology at the end made me SO happy because there were times when I wanted to yell at him for patronising her for her happy attitude to lifeOverall I loved this book I would have liked to have seen Maisey revisit her parents and confront them for their behaviour towards her I felt like that plot point was brought up but never finished but otherwise this was SO GOOD and I can't wait to read from this series

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    What a beautiful story this was Maisey struggles in silence every day with life’s ups and downs the loss of her older brother the success of her shop that she started with three of her best friends and her family whom can’t seem to see her good side constantly putting her down and telling her to grow up She’s been brainstorming for ideas to try and save their business if only she can bring her brother and his friends on board to help out If she could only manage to get one of them to commit she knows the others will follow Especially the hunky doctor Joss Heaven After an accident coming out of her brothers’ office and being rushed over to Joss’s medical clinic perhaps she’ll be lucky enough to convince one of them to help them out She knows her idea will work if only she can get them to agree All Joss wants is to find a happy medium to his life receiving the respect he needs in his profession to be accepted into the folds of the local medical circle to take care of his aging and sick parents and to help his devastated sister who has been abandoned by her ex and left to raise four young children on her own He doesn’t have time for a relationship and certainly not with the beautiful Maisey the younger sister of his best mate So why is it he can’t seem to get her out of his mind? Why is it he’s bound to break his “deal” with his best mate Kole when it comes to Maisey? What makes him feel so protective of her? Will this pair ever manage to find the time and energy to delve into the love that’s waiting for them? Or will the people they love manage to destroy their tender kindling of love trying so desperately to grow? Beautifully written with a happy ever after that will have your heart swelling with love

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    I was so excited to read Maisey's story and to hear about her and the struggles she has went thru I also loved hearing about Joss and all of the things he is enduring They were perfectly made for each other to be there to help each other out Unfortunately Joss fought it tooth and nail for so many reasons I felt so sorry for Maisey after Kole and Joss both went off on her but thank goodness it all turned out in the end I loved the end and I look forward to hearing about them Kole Tasha and then getting on to Stuart and Elle

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    Chocolate and romance? Is there anything better?Ms Woods has done it again I discovered her books in 2017 and am loving them I absolutely love the fact that she is not afraid to create characters who have actual problems The characters remind you of friends that may hang out with you on the weekends Then toss in the romance and its unfolding tapestry and you have a book you can’t put down So grab this book today you will not be disappointed

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    Maisey wasn't like she portrayed to everyone Joss was really serious about everything in his life These two were good friends Maisey gets Joss to loosen up to take his picture and their whole friendship changes This book had some really HOT scenes and some emotional moments in it

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    I am so loving this treats to tempt you seriesSerenity sure knows how to write about people who we she knows we will fall in love with

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    Loved this couple Loved that Maisey had mental health issues