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Caressing breezes shimmering beaches and jasmine scented evenings make summer the perfect time for romance Now three bestselling authors turn up the heat with love stories as sweet and sultry as the season that inspired themStella Cameron Early in the MorningA fristrated librarian is dtermined to drive her scholarly fiancé wild with desire before the wedding but she may need some heavenly help to light the fire of a man who's afraid of being burnedLisa Jackson The Brass RingOn the day of her June wedding Shawna McGuire learns her groom has been in a car accident When Parker Harrison awakens he has no memories of Shawna and the love they once shared Now as summer unfolds will Shawna be able to make Parker fall in love with her all over again?Jill Marie Landis Summer FantasyPacific passion blooms as screenwriter Kylee Christopher travels to the island of Kauai to cure her writer's blocknever dreaming that her secret longings will be unblocked by a breathtaking Hawaiian stranger

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    Slow Heat is actually three stories in one book Early In The Morning By Stella Cameron is about a couple on the night before their wedding having never made love being abducted by Aleins and having to project with their minds how to feel your emotions second story is by Lisa Jackson titled the Brass ring On the day of her wedding the groom gets in a car accident when he awakens he has no memory of her or their love she needs to help him to remember the love they once shared story 3 is by Jill Marie Landis Summer fantasy Writer Kylee travels to an exotic location to cure her writers block never dreaming she will meet someone special

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    This book is a compilation of 3 short stories I hated the first story Early in the Morning by Stella Cameron mainly because it involved aliens The second story The Brass Ring by Lisa Jackson was ok I really liked the third story Summer Fantasy by Jill Marie Landis

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    It was alright of an ad for upcoming books

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    Best story was last one set in HI