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The Munros consist of 277 Scottish mountains over 3000 feet in height They are enjoying unprecedented popularity as hikers and vacationers flock to the area to enjoy the magnificent scenery It has been estimated that most good weekends even in the winter attract close to 50000 visitors Cameron McNeish editor of The Great Outdoors magazine provides an essential reference for readers either planning a trip to the region or wishing to relive the adventures they enjoyed there

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    Cameron McNeish is somewhat of an authoriy on the Monro hills of Scotland and the highly addictive and trivial pursuit of climbing them all This book complete with lavish colour photography is a coffee table reference compared to other portable back pack guides A beautiful book that will spur any hikers interest and plans for next season whilst remaining safe indoors Note that the list of Monros has changed not only due to new surveying calculations of height but also the slightly complicated definitions as to what constitiutes a Monro For an updated list see the Scottish Mountaineering Club's website If you know some of these hills you will know what a serious undertaking it is to complete them all If you don't and are suprised at the apparently low summit heights compared to other mountains then beware Scotland can be formidable in bad weather Further if you do not know what all this is about try and read up on the strange stories of Sir Hugh Monro Rev Robertson and even Mr Corbett Better still watch the BBC documentary 'Monro Mountain Man' for an insight into a true eccentric outdoor pursuit in all its comic and tragic glory A beautifull book on the essence of the Scottish countryside

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    Without doubt 'The Munros' is the definitive guide to Scotland's highest mountains For novice walkers and experienced climbers alike this book is an invaluable asset McNeish has climbed all these mountains many of them than once He passes on the benefit of his experience in an easy to understand way which results in safer better planned climbs

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    I don't think I can truly claim to have finished this book; the likelihood is I will be returning to it for years to come as my climbing reach broadens and I approach new sets of problems in new areas of the hillsGreat photography good route suggestionsnot just the default tourist tracks and a sense of authority and history make this a keeper as far as I am concerned