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Family Faith Love War The Gates of Trevalyan brings the turbulent years before during and after the Civil War to vivid and passionate life Trevalyan the beautiful central Georgia plantation where idealistic young Jenny Mobley and aristocratic Charles King marry and build a life together becomes a symbol of the heartache and division brought by the nation's bitter woundsAuthor Jacuelyn Cook weaves the King family's story into a tapestry featuring the most compelling figures of the time from charismatic statesman Alexander Stephens and his doomed love for Elizabeth Craig to Abraham Lincoln Jefferson Davis and many others Richly detailed and intensely researched THE GATES OF TREVALYAN breathes the spirit of great storytelling into a fascinating historical era

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    This story takes place after the Civil War in southern Georgia particularly the Trevalyan plantation where our two main characters Jenny Mobley and Charles King make their home as they start their married life together It won’t be easy as they adjust to each other Jenny forms a friendship with her maid Tacey as well as having an eye for handsome Alexander Stephens It is a time when the only thing left to do is make friends The Gates of Trevalyan is a historical novel that encompasses some romance friendship and some very famous figures like Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis to name a few While I enjoy reading historical novels as that genre was one of the first types of books that I had a pleasure reading Unfortunately I can’t say this is the case with this book It moved very slowly throughout the whole book I did finish reading this novel but had a hard time doing so Even the characters that should have been interesting I found to be dull and I never felt a connection with them It did seem though that author Jacuelyn Cook did have a good vision and I was able to see part of that vision So the good thing is that I might someday check her out again

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    SO SLOWI agree wholeheartedly with a previous reviewer that this book is very slow moving and gets bogged down with too many political elements The inclusion of many true life people shows that the author did a great deal of research none of which adds to the story I did manage to finish the book but suggest you not waste your time It is not like stepping into a time machine as one reviewer said unless this particular time period is one of history's most boring

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    I enjoyed this book very much It was very well researched and the fictional Jenny Mobley Charles King and others were believably woven into historical events I also read 'Sunrise' the first book in the series which even though was not about the same group of characters helped to get me informed and up to date about the current events of the time Both books can easily stand on their own I will say that it was very obvious to me at least that this book was written by a southern writer She rarely if ever refers to the slaves on the plantation as slaves but rather as servants Interesting to whitewash it like that I suppose people of that era and geographical area did so on a regular basis In other books I have read on the subject even slaves refer to themselves as slaves Also the hatred the main characters feel towards the North it seemed at bit much as there were atrocities occurring on both sides not just the North against the South But again this book is from the Southern perspective so I guess I can let that go All in all a good read Recommended

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    Although this book is a work of fiction the author abviously did an extreme amount of research into the Civil War If you're not interested in a lot of history this book won't be for youThere are some interesting characters in this book but it is mostly about the history of the Civil War It's not a great book but it is a good book

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    This read like a history book

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    Civil War in GeorgiaI enjoyed reading about people's lives in Georgia leading up to during and after the Civil War I lived for a time in the Atlanta Metro Area which these people would have never dreamed of how it is today It was interesting to read about familiar towns and counties and Atlanta itself as they were then Other interesting topics touched on were the historic figures the spies and the horrors of reconstruction Also SHERMAN's March to the sea I agree with the sentiments of some southerners that while slavery was not good and the slaves should be freed just turning them loose unprepared to fend for themselves would not be a good thing either I think we have seen the tragic results of that

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    The Gates of Trevalyan follows a cast of characters as they try to live and survive the Civil War and its aftermath in Georgia The book does have an idealistic view of slavery and there are situations that are not completely realistic That being said I did enjoy reading the book Cook draws you into the lives of characters and it s easy to care what happens to them I found it interesting to read about places that are very familiar to me This book is not for everyone It is a good book for someone who wants to explore a light historical fiction and doesn t mind a little romance thrown in the mix

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    As a historian and librarian thought that I would really love this book In the beginning as I was introduced to main characters Jenny Mobley Emily Hill and Charles King I was still hopeful In many ways this is the classic Gone With the Wind story with large Georgia plantations and all of the trappings of Southern culture and slavery Unfortunately for me the story got lost in the military and political history I was able to finish the book only by skimming the long drawn out details I will say that the history seemed to be well researched

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    I enjoyed the writings of books of south and enjoyed reading this bookThe author did an amazing job on the history and in research of the book I appreciate the letting the readers about later happened to the people later in life I liked the references for the book as well that made interesting

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    the story was ok and it def made you think about things from both sides but it was slow and drawn out and in what may have been an effort to show various sides of a complex situation it bounced around between characters a lot and even on some of the story lines that the author seemed to want to make pertinent you only got a surface view which left the characters seeming fickle