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How to Make Beer is the first companion book to the best selling Home Distiller’s Workbook Many people are looking to learn the lost art of Moonshining and try to jump right into distilling but uickly learn that running a still is only half of the euation While certainly important distillation does not make alcohol it only concentrates it The real magic of alcohol is in brewing A little known secret is that brewing a good beer is the first real step to making a great whiskey As such I wrote this book to teach people the basics of brewing We will cover the topic of Extract Brewing as opposed to the complicated All Grain Brewing which will be covered in the next book in the series You will learn all the concepts and skills needed to not only make a good larger or ale but also what sets it apart from a distiller’s beermash We will discuss malts yeasts and different brewing techniues Whether you want to just learn how to make your own beer or you are looking to round out your moonshine making skills How to Make Beer will give you the essential skills you need

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    Sadly I'm allergic to hops I have friends who aren't who have asked if I'd help them home brew I promised I'd consider itThis book was an excellent start to learning the art of brewing I highly recommend it