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Adventure drama wild horses running free The American West is brought to life through the eyes of the horses who were there in a new program of books inspired by Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron the new film coming May 2002 from DreamWorks Sierra is a feisty young filly when natural disaster separates her from her herd of free horses Alone and struggling to survive in the harsh elements she encounters another horse who leads her to a Lakota encampment But can Sierra find a place with them without sacrificing her freedom and independence?

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    This book is about a wild horse named Sierra who is Rain's mother The series is a spinoff of sorts to the movie Spirit Stallion of the Cimmaron and it's fun to see where the horses in the movie came from and to see where the book ties in to the movie

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    My rating system5 GushAbsolutely Loved4 Low LoveHigh Like3 Like2 Meh1 DislikeHateIf it is a5 star I round up5 StarsThis is a book and also a series that I have always wanted to after learning about its existence but until now I have never had the chance I highly recommend any horse lover or Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron fan to read it Sierra is the daughter of Raphael and Bonita Growing up in Shadow and Tally's herd she has always been energetic than the rest of the horses besides the younger foals Bonita has become one of Shadow's favorite mares and even takes turns with Tally leading the herd Paco has become an official member of the herd even before Sierra was born he helps Shadow protect the herd and watches out for danger with him Sierra convinces her best friend Fern to play with her and gallop away from the herd but they encounter a pack of wolves Shadow rushes over to protect them and the rest of the heard but he gets injured in the process Tally forces Fern and Sierra out of the herd as punishment for being foolish and almost getting the herd hurt in the process Shadow let's them follow him from a distance after time passes Bonita allows them to re enter the herd and let's Tally know that they have learned their lesson about getting carried away and getting themselves and others into a dangerous situation A rogue stallion Fuego is following the herd and challenges Shadow for the mares unfortunately Shadow is an older stallion and he can't just scare him away he has to actually fight him Shadow loses and Fuego wins the herd the first thing he does is drive Shadow Paco and the colts away from the herd Shadow Paco and the colts form a small a herd and start following the herd from a distance Winter is approaching faster than normal and the herd gets caught in a storm wolves that are desperate for food decide to attack the herd Fuego is defending the herd against the pack but there are too many of them Sierra Bonita and Tally help finish off the wolves saving Fuego and the herd Fuego lets Sierra explore the area running around searching for food A blizzard happens causing Sierra to find shelter she gets lost and separated from the herd She spots groups of horses and people causing her to hide in fear Storm a pinto stallion gets separated from his humans and becomes lost in the wilderness Storm finds Sierra and encourages her to follow him she does so uneasily because he smells like smoke and humans but she decides its better than being alone They slowly start to bond and even fall in love becoming mates Storm leads her back to his Native American village always patient with her because he knows she's scared and also carrying his foal When they reach the village Storm automatically goes in because he loves and trusts humans Sierra stays weary of being around people Storm is bonded to two humans in particular Big shoulders and Little Colt this is the only thing that really irritated me during the whole book Little Colt is a child and referred to as Little Colt by Sierra but Little Colt is a girl so it should have been Little Filly though Big Shoulders and Little Colt are brother and sister Little Colt has an injured leg I think it's an injury that is bowed and she wobbles on it a little Little Colt starts to lay out food for both Sierra and Storm and she can eventually paint on her and even put braids in her mane The villagers try to capture Sierra causing Storm to protect her Little Colt Big Shoulders and their father Long Mane tell the other villagers to leave her alone Storm is placed elsewhere during the night and Sierra starts to go into labor during the night and is relieved that the human's fire will keep away any predator Sierra gives birth to a little filly and a rain storm begins and Sierra believes that is the best name for her Rain Storm is able to come back during the morning and meets his foal for the first time he becomes protective of her and Sierra not wanting anyone to come near them for a few days Rain being born near the scents of humans isn't afraid and before Sierra can stop her she gallops past her parents towards Little Colt and Big Shoulders who have been watching Sierra during her labor to make sure everything was going smoothly clearly like her father Stormy; Rain has no fear for the humans and trusts and loves them already

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    Note I purchased this book second hand at a Goodwill storeSYNOPSIS Sierra is a feisty young filly when natural disaster separates her from her herd of free horses Alone and struggling to survive in the harsh elements she encounters another horse who leads her to a Lakota encampment But can Sierra find a place with them without sacrificing her freedom and independence?MY THOUGHTS This was a decently written and cute read While I am definitely older than the target audience the story still captivated my attention and kept it thoughout the bookI really enjoyed HOW this book was written There was no dialogue Everything was written from the perspective of the horses which was very clever It was a uick read with tons of description so it was easy to picture what was happening as I was reading itOne thing I didn't like about this book was how most of the action was in the second half of the book and the first half of the book sort of dragged It took a while for the book to actually get going Though the first few chapters I thought that the book was slightly repetitive telling the story of how excitable Sierra was how she was a free spirit There was little action unfoldingOverall this is a decently written book and I would recommend it to horse lovers especially those in the 8 14 age range I give this book a solid 45 stars

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    I've been re reading these books since I found them at the library I LOVED them as a kid and they pretty much hold up as what I remember This a decent book about a horse who grows up in a wild herd and the becomes sorta domesticated It's actually just kind of the reverse of the first book in the trilogy Bonita which is about this horse's mother It's a really straightforward series with horses doing horse things But man I loved these books as a kid I'm enjoying the nostalgia

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    What an amazing seuel about Bonita's daughter Sierra This book opened my eyes to the traditions and life in a horse herd Even though most of the events was unfair it was there way of life I was even surprised to witness an entrance a very familiar character from the movie Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron Love it

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    It is about a horse that did sum thing bad and on top of that a new stallion comes in to power she ran fathere them ever befor and a snow storm comes so she cant go back Then she finds and folws a lown stallion to he new home

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    I first picked this book up at a yard sale years ago I read it so much that the front 16th of the book fell off I recently picked up a newer copy and was instantly transported to when I first owned this book Recommended for the younger horse crazy kids

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    I love this book I like the part when she meets Storm becomes freinds with the Indians and gives birth to Rain

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    This book is a page turner

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    This one is rains mother