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In April 1994 the body of an unidentified woman is found in a local village pond Suspicion falls on She Xianglin the husband of a local woman reported missing months earlier With such a high profile case in the balance and no other suspects the police focus on the one thing that can clinch the case a confession She Xianglin is detained convicted and imprisoned and the case is closed with swift justice But eleven years later when a mysterious woman claiming to be the wife of She Xianglin reappears she sets into motion a series of events truly stranger than fiction

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    35 rounded downAn engaging if detached account of a famous wrongful conviction that took place in China in the mid 90s Jiahong He provides the background to the case which involved a man from Hubei called She Xianglin and his subseuent release She's wife went missing in 1994 and not too long after the body of a woman matching her description was found in a nearby pond I'll leave my description there so as not to spoil the story for those unfamiliar with it but She ended up being released 11 years later in a landmark ruling in 2005 after it transpired he had been wrong convicted The story itself is incredibly interesting and sheds a light on the issues of the Chinese justice system something I knew very little about despite having studied the county's history and having lived there As you can probably imagine China's legal system is uite mysterious except for weird anomalies like the public death sentencing last year of a number of drug dealers in a southern Chinese city where 10000 members of the public attended In a nearby city two years previously five drug dealers had been sentenced and executed on the spot again in front of the public These glimpses into the Chinese justice system are stark in how at odds they are with China's portrayal of a country that has come a long way in the last 40 years or so and comparisons have been made to the Cultural RevolutionThe main issue I had with He's retelling of events was view spoilerthe complete lack of discussion about who the dead woman was after it was confirmed it was not She's wife Zhang Zaiyu aka Zhang Aiing Surely the PSB must have conducted some kind of DNA testing or investigation to find out who she was? And even if not He should have acknowledged this I just found it weird that there was no mention of it whatsoever hide spoiler

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