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Alguns segredos só conseguimos contar aos nossos maiores ídolosTudo começa com uma tarefa para a escola escrever uma carta para alguém ue já morreu Logo o caderno de Laurel está repleto de mensagens para Kurt Cobain Janis Joplin Amy Winehouse Heath Ledger Judy Garland Elizabeth Bishop apesar de ela jamais entregá las à professora Nessas cartas ela analisa a história de cada uma dessas personalidades e tenta desvendar os mistérios ue envolvem suas mortes Ao mesmo tempo conta sobre sua própria vida como as amizades no novo colégio e seu primeiro amor um garoto misterioso chamado Sky Mas Laurel não pode escapar de seu passado Só uando ela escrever a verdade sobre o ue se passou com ela e com a irmã é ue poderá aceitar o ue aconteceu e perdoar May e a si mesma E só uando enxergar a irmã como realmente era — encantadora e incrível mas imperfeita como ualuer um — é ue poderá seguir em frente e descobrir seu próprio caminho “Simplesmente amei este livro Cartas de amor aos mortos é mais do ue um livro de estreia impressionante É o anúncio do surgimento de uma nova voz literária corajosa” Stephen Chbosky autor de As vantagens de ser invisível“Assim como Kurt Janis Amelia e outros ue já se foram mas de algum jeito permanecem aui Cartas de amor aos mortos deixa uma marca indelével” Gayle Forman autora de Se eu ficar

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    Dear Famous PersonYou are so cool My name is Laurel and I go to High School but I am still going to talk to you in the passive immature voice of a 10 year old and then occasionally break out into beautiful metaphors about the sparkles in Sky's eyes and how just one glance from him makes fireflies dance in my stomach or something eually nauseating beautiful There is something fragile like moths inside of him something fluttering Something trying desperately to crowd toward a light May was a real moon who everyone flocked to But even if I am only Sky’s street lamp I don’t mindThat's right Sky is great And Sky is awesome And fuck everything else because looky there it's SkyYoursLaurelps This book is actually all about the deep grief I feel after my sister's death I know that may be surprising when all I actually do is pull the petals off flowers and wonder if Sky loves meYou know this book is actually almost exactly like the diaries I wrote when I was about 1011 years old I didn't write to famous people I wrote the entries to a made up name so it was like I was talking to someone who was there just for me Because well Anne Frank did it and I thought it was totally cool Honestly it's a mystery why I wasn't one of the popular kids in schoolI would write in fragmented sentences that walked the unfortunate reader through my day until I would suddenly get a burst of inspiration and philosophize about life in that all knowing way which only young teens who know absolutely nothing about life can manage Here's the thing though There's a real good reason why most people don't publish their diaries because who wants to hear about your boring ass high school day or how freaking hot that dude called Sky is? If this book was attempting to be a realistic portrait of an annoying teen without a personality mission accomplishedFrankly here comes the controversial statement this has to be the most emotionally manipulative book since The Fault in Our Stars Laurel's sister has died so she deals with all her thoughts and feelings by writing letters to different dead people inc Kurt Cobain Jim Morrison and Judy Garland Guess who the last dead person letter is to? Go on guessAnd Laurel's personality is nowhere to be seen Her letters are written in short disjointed sentences with no sense of emotion coming through at any point No sadness for her sister No actual chemistry between her and Sky It's just words and not great words at that She like me pauses in the middle of the childish narrative to wax poetic about something probably to do with Sky She is constantly defined by other people what she thinks of Sky her friends and the famous people Who is this girl that everyone seems to fall in love with? Not a clueDear wasted timeI apologise for not reading something less trite immature and manipulativeYoursEmilyBlog | Leafmarks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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    Dear Kurt CobainMrs Buster gave us our first assignment in English today to write a letter to a dead person For me this book was pointless puerile and pretentious with a character who is the passive dull YA contemporary euivalent of Bella Swan or Luce Price It’s hard to be myself because I don’t know exactly who I am But now that I’ve started high school I need to figure it out really fast The main character was simultaneously too naive and juvenile while never letting me forget that behind this character there is an adult writing this book On my first dayI used my favorite outfit from middle school instead which is jean overalls with a long sleeve tee shirt and hoop earrings I could not bring myself to care about the extremely dull character who has no character and no personality of her own who comes off as a girl who's only too willing to be pulled along by peer pressure The next thing I realized is that you aren’t supposed to bring your lunch You are supposed to buy pizza and Nutter Butters or else you aren’t supposed to even eat lunch This book goes nowhere It is a diary of a high school girl Laurel who's lost her sister May Laurel's despair over May's death is tremendously subtle and so suppressed that I can hardly tell she's grieving at all I guess I am not doing this assignment the way I am supposed to Maybe I’ll try again laterYoursLaurel No shitThe point is that there was no point to this book If I wanted to read about a main character that I can't relate to whose grief isn't even present who falls in love too easily who lets herself be completely bent by peer pressure who can't really relate to her familyWHY DO I NEED TO PAY MONEY FOR IT? If I wanted to read the diary of a really immature young woman I can just go onto Tumblr or DeviantArt or Livejournal does anyone use Livejournal any? and browse through any amount of adolescent frippery for free And I can stop when I want toThe Premise This book is written in a series of letters to dead characters musicians poets actors It reads like a slightly less silly version of a 12 year old fangirl writing letters to One Direction or Justin Bieber Dear Amy WinehouseYour fearlessness seemed like it came from a different time When your first album was released you still looked innocent a pretty girl who said she thought she was uglyYou would step onstage in your little dress sipping a drink with your big beehive hairdo and Cleopatra eyeliner and sing with a voice that poured out of your tiny body You were willing to expose yourself without caring what anyone thought I wish I was like that And 95% of the book is about Laurel not the artists To be fair I didn't want it to be because the information I got from these artists from these silly juvenile letters aren't anything I wouldn't have gleaned from 5 minutes on Wikipedia or Daily Mail UKThe Actual Letters A few paragraphs on the artists themselves and then a million pages or so it felt like of a teenaged girl rambling on about1 Skyyyyyyyyyy Skyyyyyyyyyy 3333333 I especially like to watch this boy whose name I figured out is Sky He always wears a leather jacket even though summer is barely over He reminds me that the air isn’t just something that’s there It’s something you breathe in 2 Her family dad mom crazy Bible thumping Aunt Amy3 Her lesbian friends4 Her cool older friends who are like so awesome and like so into each other and like so into music Dear Janis JoplinWhen I got home today I looked up about Slash and I also looked up about your life so that I can start my education and so that I can be friends with Tristan and KristenWhen Kristen and I are better friends I am going to ask her to play me some of your musicYoursLaurel 5 Her sister I guessThe letters follow this pattern for the entire fucking bookDear I think you're really cool because I imagine that you must have been like growing up I think your dreams must have been like the wings of an angel sparkling with unicorn horns and butterfly dreams that never got fulfilledToday I went to lunch with my friends I thought about Sky a lotThen I talked to my friends Then I watched them kiss Then I pretended that I didn't see them kiss I went home to talk to my really sad dad and I reflected upon how sad he is and how much I miss him And May But I'm not going to think about May I'm not going to tell you anything about how she died I'm going to let you have the impression that I love her even if I don't say it I'm going to give you the impression that I care about her without ever implicitly mentioning herSky is really hot you must have been so cool to know while you were aliveYoursLaurelAN ENTIRE BOOK LIKE THISLaurel She reminds me a lot of Lara Jean from Jenny Han's To All the Boys I've Loved Before which is to say she's innocent as fuck she's naive as fuck and even if she's old enough to get to 3rd and then some base with her boyfriend and drink and do illegal shit she's just there for the ride Laurel is not a leader She is a follower She does things because people tell her to If this book were an YA paranormal Laurel would be the euivalent of Bella Swan because she fucking does nothing in the book unless someone drags her into itShe is a good girl an innocent girl who drinks and do stupid stuff like ask strangers to buy her alcohol because her cool friends tell her to And she really really wants to be friends with them She is desperate to be loved and I couldn't give a flying fuck about that Spare me your dull I have problems that I won't talk about mental issues; I want a girl twisted and torn by grief I don't want a passive little fluffy bunny even if that bunny occasionally indulges in some cannabis laced carrotsInconsistent Writing I could not get immersed in Laurel's character because she has such an inconsistent voice In some parts of her narrative Laurel sounds like a 12 year old I liked everything about it I liked waiting in line with everyone I liked that the girl in front of me had red curls on the back of her head that you could tell she curled herself And I liked the thin crinkle of the plastic when I opened the wrapper I liked how every bite made a falling apart kind of crunch When I got the shirt secretly I had hoped that Sky would notice me in it and see who I could be Maybe he’d feel a pang of regret over losing me It had my name on the back It was perfect He had sanded the wood down so it was smooth but the grains don’t go away I told him it was my favorite present I’d ever gotten He looked proudAnd then she starts spouting off philosophical crap and imageries out of freaking nowhere and I'm left wondering who am I reading the character or the author trying to write a poetic teen who's not convincing in the least? Her house is a different kind of empty It’s not full of ghosts It’s uiet with shelves set up with rose china and china dolls and rose soaps meant to wash out sadness There is something fragile like moths inside of him something fluttering Something trying desperately to crowd toward a light May was a real moon who everyone flocked to But even if I am only Sky’s street lamp I don’t mind I think Hannah must be afraid like I get afraid the way I did when I heard the river yesterday the way I do when I don’t even know what the shadow is but I feel it breathingLaurel's narrative voice just did not work for me I can't take a 12 going on 40 year old poetThe Romance Zero spark Zero chemistry About as convincing as the romance between Leonardo DiCaprio and whatever barely legal Victoria's Secret supermodel he's dating nowEveryone loves Laurel Out of nowhere the most popular guy in school asks her out and not only that she got the attention of Sky the loner who never talks to anyone And although he has license to stand with the cool kids he still doesn’t fully belong anywhere and hasn’t relinuished his title of Mr Mystery Hence the throng of girls who are always leaning in and touching his arm But of course my money’s on you” He's a cool loner the one who never cares about anyone until he meets Laurel It is insta love for her and Sky falls for Laurel remarkably fast considering Laurel never does or say anything fucking remarkable But I guess 17 year old boys are easily impressed “You’d be a really great writer” I said“Oh yeah? How do you know?”“By the way you talk Like when you said that Kurt is so loud because he’s staring the monster in the face and how you’ve got to fight back” Final Comments The grief over May's death just isn't there Sure Laurel is supposed to be really really sad about May considering she died but I never felt her sadness It is a matter of telling not showing You could argue that Laurel is suppressing her grief really well but why the fuck would I want to read a book about that? It's the euivalent of reading a romance novel where the main character absolutely refuses to fall in love against all reason I know those books exist I don't like themSome truly bad things happen to Laurel in this book and guess what? I don't care I want to care I'm not a callous person but you have to make me FEEL something for the character I could not relate to her I could not sympathize with her I did not like her I can't bring myself to hurt for her when she is damagedNot recommended

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    45 stars Months ago I had to put Love Letters to the Dead down because it was making me so desperately sad Almost a full year later I read the last half of it with a lump in my throat and tears dripping down my face This is a profoundly moving meditation on grief written with rare sensitivity and the kind of prose that nearly stops your heart with moments of uiet anguished beauty Review on the blog recommended for fans of If I Stay

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    35 STARSOur flushing hearts trying to climb the stars how with the wrong wind we can fall I don’t think I’ve ever felt so many contrasting emotions for a book as I did for this one My first impulse was to rage uit this as early as the second Cobain letter followed by derisively laughing at Laurel’s puerile drama Then I felt some alien tug at my heart over Aunt Amy and her Jesus Man and got teary eyed over the story behind her parents’ broken marriage Reading this book felt a lot like having your emotions painfully scooped out of you put back reconfigured at the end strangely familiar but also new The book has no chapters Instead it kicks off with Laurel writing a letter to Kurt Cobain for an English assignment where they are to write letters to the dead She doesn’t turn in the letter and instead continues to write to well known personalities who all died young telling Amy Winehouse of her heartache over her dead sister May to Judy Garland about her disconsolate father and her mother who deserted them She tells River Phoenix of Sky the boy made of fluttering moths inside him; writes to Janis Joplin about Aunt Amy’s Jesus and her unreuited love; tells Amelia Earheart of friends who are in love with each other but can’t be together and friends who are together and in love but will eventually be apartI mean from the list alone of these letters’ recipients you know this is not going to be a light read And it really delivered on that promise Some of the details in the story made me think of Saving June on uaaludes But at the same time there were moments that felt like the rich texture of the writing was disproportionate to what was actually happening in Laurel’s life She is a high school junior with very mature problems with very poetic insights on things that don’t necessarily resonate to me as a thirty something woman any I liked certain aspects of the ebb and flow of her relationship with Sky there was discovery there was learning there was understanding but the reactions the drama was too age appropriate for me ie juvenile It takes a bit of empathic stretch to tap in the latent teenager in me to relate to some of Laurel’s rationale but I can’t deny that there were moments that were too heartfelt and pure not to be impressed with ”You remind me of my first concert The one I told you about on New Year’s You remind me of the feeling of wanting to make something” I thought this book’s strongest points were Laurel’s recollections of May her family’s history and current dynamics There was something magical in the way Laurel pieced May together from her memories and something devastatingly painful about how she thinks about her sister’s death and her family being torn apart in the aftermath She was mercilessly melancholic in her letters but you realize in the end these are just shadows being cast by the burdens she’s been carrying I loved how Aunt Amy was written It’s common for characters like her to be painted in the corner as the villainous religious zealot stereotyped with militantly myopic values and two dimensional personalities But eventually there was a stretch of Laurel’s observations about her that was soft and kind and all sorts of heart wrenchingly wonderful She sent him cookies and cards and New Mexico chili and messages especially the messages where she would do the voices of Mister Ed and of the Jamaican bobsledders and she would be herself Her hopeful self like she was saying I’m here I love the way Dellaira writes the story had the rhythm of psychedelic poetry in it It's easy to romanticize the lifestyles these personalities led when they lived and much too predictable draw evocative prose on the topic of death I like that this was as much as about growing up as staying true to yourself; a pocketguide on how not to sellout to the world neither burning out nor fading awayBut I had a difficult time getting immersed in the letter to someone delivery which sucks because that was exactly what drew me in the story in the first place It was a little strange to read Laurel write to Kurt Cobain about his own divorced parents then making the rough connection with her own life then relate a childhood memory with May then tell him what happened today in school The transition isn’t always smooth which I guess lends authenticity to the whole high school kid writing in a flow of consciousness feel to it But narrative wise it felt a bit taxing to keep the connection It was a bit of effort to understand why she’s writing this letter to this person and that letter to that person I even had a hard time remembering who Laurel is writing to until she mentions it midway through asking if the dead remembers this or that when she was alive The moments this book worked best for me was when I forget that Laurel is writing a letter to these people Perhaps its because I have once thought of these personalities the way Laurel did wondered the uestions I’d ask them and I have a different interpretation of Kurt Cobain from her own So in ways than one this worked for me but not in the ways that I expected it to be Maybe what growing up really means is knowing that you don’t have to just be a character going whichever way the story says It’s knowing that you could be the author instead Also on BooklikesHad me at Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse 3

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    Reminiscent of Perks Of Being A Wallflower Love Letters To The Dead is too beautiful too meaningful and too heartbreaking to describe with words An incredible moving and very important story with a beating heart and bright soul It's one of those books that everyone ought to read own and share with all their friends don't miss it

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    Find all of my reviews at Obviously Mitchell and I aren’t the target demographic for this book so take my rating with several grains of salt and I’m going to keep this short and sweet sour just like myself Love Letters To The Dead could have been a perfectly A Okay book for me The basic storyline is Laurel’s sister May is gone and Laurel is lost in her grief She swaps schools in order to get rid of the “sister of the dead girl” stigma and is presented with an assignment of writing a letter to the dead Rather than completing just one letter Laurel writes a series of them to various famous young people whose flames were extinguished prematurely which eventually tell all of the truths about not only May’s death but about Laurel’s life as well And that’s where it lost me The letters the what happened to the dead sister the grieving process the finding herself plotlines were all great But then Why the hell did everything but the kitchen sink need to be thrown in before this was over???? Laurel’s sister croaked and that should have been enough for one book But nooooooooo God forbid you don’t have a “superbadawful” happen to some poor girl in every YA novel I know I’m kind of a robot and don’t cry very often but I do recognize when I’m supposed to have an emotion The one time I’m guaranteed NOT to have them? When an author is trying to manipulate them out of me And just to confirm to all that I’m in fact a giant dick – I don’t understand the allure of Kurt Cobain either As the book states “You didn’t want to be the spokesperson of a generation” Somehow my generation the one who actually grew up listening to a live Kurt Cobain rather than a dead one was able to respect this Now he’s become a martyr I don’t get it

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    This review has also been posted on The Social Potato WARNING This book may cause you to spend a whole day feeling down “There are some things I can’t tell anyone except the people who aren’t here any” This is honestly a very hard book to review It brought out a lot of mixed feelings in me I went back and forth between being pissed and loving the book and it wasn’t until the 3rd third that I decided that this book was wonderful A warning though if you don’t like drama avoid this This is filled with teenage angst and teenage angst can sometimes induce nightmares about how much high school sucked or well I still have 3 months of that nightmare left but in spite of everything this book turned out to be so beautifulIt tells a tale of loss and how to deal with it It deals with how we sometimes build people up to be these perfect untouchable things in our minds and don't want to believe that they aren't that perfect because they become our rocks It tells a story about learning to accept yourself and it’s a tale about forgivenessLaurel is starting high school at a school where she doesn’t know anyone She didn’t go to the same school as everyone else in her 8th grade because she didn’t want to go to the same high school her sister May went to At the start of this novel Laurel is drowning in grief and guilt She believes that her sister died because of her When her teacher gives them an assignment which asks them to write a letter to dead person she chooses to write a letter to her sister’s favorite artist Kurt CobainLaurel is such a heart breaking character She has an innocence to her which makes you want to wrap your arms around her and never let go She is such a complex character and you really feel for her She comes from a broken family Her parents aren’t bad but divorce has a way of tearing families apart and it tore hers too She doesn’t fit in and she doesn’t know how to fit in She is stuck in a world without her sister and she doesn’t know how to carry on so when her English teacher gives her the assignment she finds a way to pour out her feelings She has someone to talk to someone who won’t judge herBut the author doesn’t just stop there; she develops a wonderful entourage of secondary characters From Hannah to Natalie to Kristen to Tristan to Sky you cannot help but fall in love with each of them There is so much depth to all of these characters and all of them break your heart in some capacity “We were here Our lives matter” My favorite bit about this book however was how the author brought all our beloved celebritiesidols to life in her work My heart broke for them She made their stories come to life and it really just broke my heart all over again She does it so beautifully too This woman is so GODDAMN TALENTEDThe romance was well developed Sky is a sweet love interest He pulls some jerk moves but his reasons are so realistic that you cannot help but forgive him He doesn’t want to be with someone who is drowning in grief because he cannot do anything about it She won’t tell him how he can help and you can understand his choices because it’s heartbreaking to watch someone you love drown in grief and not be able to do anything about it It hurts you almost as much as the person who is hurting and honestly I don’t blame Sky There were some things Laurel needed to realize on her own and until she did so there relationship could not have workedThis is a very character driven book because at its heart it’s a coming of age story and we join Laurel in her journey A lot of the people she writes to died tragic deaths from Kurt Cobain to Jim Morrison to Heath Ledger to Amy Winehouse etc Some of them took their own lives some of them died of drug overdose and some of them just never made it back While writing to these various people she grows and she learns that not everything is perfect Her sister wasn’t perfect All these wonderful people weren’t perfect either and so the healing starts Laurel has to learn to forgive herself and her sister but she also needs to realize that she doesn’t need to be perfect She can be broken and really all she needs is to be herselfWith all that said one of the biggest draw backs of this story for me as a reader was the fact that the character was in 9th grade 9th grade is a very awkward time because you’re just starting high school but at the same time you’ve just left middle school so you’re right hovering on the fence between becoming a young adult and starting your journey to becoming an adult The problem with this is that it contradicts the essence of Laurel’s character Laurel comes off to me as a very naïve person She is very innocent but then she is thrust into very mature situations and I am not sure what to make of that It’s like the author couldn’t decide what she wanted so she mashed the two together and well the result wasn’t all that enjoyable Perhaps if this book had been one or the other an MG or with a character who was not ‘just’ starting high school it would have been favorable For example Saving June dealt with something similar and because of the age of the main character the book was a lot easier to swallowHaving said that this book really was touching I don’t know what it’s like to lose someone but the grief in this book is so profound that I know that I don’t want to know This book really is powerful and I am definitely going to be on the look out for other works by the author Note that all uotes have been taken from an uncorrected proof and may be subject to change

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    You can be noble and brave and beautiful and still find yourself falling Although the title is a blaring warning that this is going to be a tough and probably a torturous read I boldly ignored it because look at the book cover Doesn’t it look beautiful? Its invisible strings had this unrelenting tug at my eyes and my heart that made me give in and grab the book ^^I really didn’t know what to expect from this book but what I did not expect is that the entire story is written through letters to dead artists who died prematurely which is to me the very thing that gave this book such a uniue appeal The letter writing which only started as a school reuirement and which she didn’t even turn in to her teacher paved the way for Laurel such a pretty name to reveal and express all those pent up emotions over her sad and bitter experiences including the death of her only sister There isn’t really much of a plot in this story It’s kind of linear truthfully and yet the story got a firm hold of me and I couldn’t help but tear through the book reading Laurel’s confessions The things she couldn’t tell her parents she writes it to Judy Garland She shares her grief over her sister with no one except Amy Winehouse When for the first time after so long she met good and genuine friends she writes it to Amelia Earhart Reading her letters was both painful and depressing because they revealed how much she had already suffered at a very young age There was also this nagging detail that Laurel is suicidal and the darker revelations about what she went through made me want to bang my head against the wall But because the letters are highly significant in the story they are also the device that will determine its conclusion Will those letters save Laurel or not? Will the story end in an inspiring note or an irreparable crack in the heart? Care to find out?

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    Underwhelming I had expected a beautiful story when I went into this book What I got was an annoying protagonist one dimensional characters and a history of celebs who died at a very young age If I had written this review right after I had completed the book I'm sure that half of it would have been in caps I was that annoyed The beginning was uite slow and I had to plough through those pages I was expecting the book to get better but then how wrong was I? I was completely wrong Things took a turn for the worse and each page seemed to drag on forever Let me tell you this Laurel our protagonist is very one dimensional She didn't really convince me at all And what's with her obsession with this mystery dude Sky? At first it was all about her observing him from a distance and him staring at her Fast forward to fifty pages they've already developed a romance Love at first sight never works Most of the times there are a few exceptions like me falling in love with Newt Scamander the moment I saw him I cannot tell you how annoying Laurel was Agreed that her sister died yet she seems to put the blame on herself for something she had NOT done Speaking of which I was pulling out all my hair off my head because the story behind her sister's death is revealed much later in the book So what did Anj do? She googled it up and read spoilers Yay I felt that the story could have been revealed much earlier in the book because the delay just made me impatient and irritated That is not suspenseful I ain't giving you the spoilers Go and look it up I'm not going to waste my hard work lolThere was no depth to the characters Sky behaves like a jerk for a minute and then he goes all lovey dovey Laurel's words don't have the depth they should have in them She doesn't believe in embracing her personality but rather wants to embrace what her dead sister's personality was One moment she uses shiny metaphors beautiful writing filled with emotions and the next moment she's writing the biography of a dead celeb filled with cringe worthy life lessons Save us the biography I'm sure that we've all got access to Wikipedia There were two positive things about this book though One it focused on issues like domestic violence and abuse And I highly appreciate that the author decided to put those issues into this book so that the readers become aware of it Two HANNAH AND NATALIE THEIR LOVE WAS 95542588854% REAL AND NOT LIKE THE STUPID BLAND RELATIONSHIP SKY AND LAUREL HAD They were the only rays of sunshine in this book Amidst all those things I said about this book there are only two positives The book ended on a hopeful note which prevented me from giving this book an even lower rating One final thing I've got to say there's a part where Laurel lies down on a busy road to challenge a bully to do the same This trick eventually scares the bully off but mind you the road was a busy one Had she not moved at the right second she would've turned intotomato ketchup under the wheels of a car okay my humour is weird Dear readers that is not how you fend off bullies Don't put your lives at risk I warned you That is all I have to say about this book I'm glad that I didn't buy it

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    You can be noble and brave and beautiful and still find yourself fallingThis book was so beautiful and heart breaking It begins as an assignment in English class where Laurel our mc writes letters to dead people from the likes of Judy Garland Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse We are told from the beginning that Laurels elder sister May died youngWhile we are not told the circumstances of the death straightaway we are told snippets of the events leading up to her death how her death happened and the circumstances surrounding itThis is a story on grief and loss from one girls perspective It tells the story of how May the sister who died is seen as perfect in Laurels mind and memories of them together it goes through the emotions of grief and also looks at family friendship and first love The book focuses on Laurels navigation through the feelings of grief and how she deals with school life and home lifeSometimes it is hard to picture what one persons grief can look and feel like but this book does an amazing job at describing it and had me tearful by the end of it I simply loved this book and enjoyed the bits of poetry speckled through out A heart breaking but also uplifting read 💙