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The sixteen stories in The Imaginary Friend collection range in scope from the self understanding of The Child Clown to the distortion of goodness in the dystopia of Pretend Some highlights Earth is the story of a civilization discovering that life hasn't always been lived in caves and that there might be a whole other surface world The Imaginary Friend relates what happens to an imagined friend when his person doesn't imagine him any In Audrey's Decision Audrey is frustrated with her life and society in general but hesitates to commit to Honey a man who leads the green life she advocates because he speaks bee Buzz buzz Boxed In explores a future where the poor are issued waterproof fireproof boxes in which to live The Wheels on the Bus tracks five bus riders whose lives touch each other one afternoon The collection ends with the joyful bike riding yurt living love story of Hank and Susie as told in Wrong Way Do Not Enter