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What would you do if you were kissed by the most handsome stranger you'd ever seen? And what if that man was a Cynster?Every girl even convent educated ones dreams of forbidden kisses So when a man literally falls at Helena's feet as she's walking through the courtyard one moonlit Christmas Eve the pretty young comtesse d'Lisle knows he's up to no good He's clearly a bit dangerous and obviously caught in the middle of a clandestine rendezvous Why else would he have risked his neck and jumped out of a window into the snow?It's wrong it's outlandish and it's the most utterly romantic gesture she's ever seen So when the good sisters rush up demanding to know if she has seen a man on the grounds Helena ignores the years of strict upbringing that insist she reveal his presenceTo lie would be a sin but no one can be good all the timeAs a reward for her silence the stranger takes her in his arms and enticingly unforgettably kisses her and then departs leaving a lingering if unspoken promise of all that might be should fate decree that they meet again Although Helena doesn't know it her wild Englishman is Sebastian Cynster Duke of St Ives a nobleman who will prove to be her destinySeven years later Helena has been transformed from a pretty schoolgirl to an aristocratic beauty Her sparkling wit has made her sought after by London's hostesses; her considerable dowry has made winning her hand the aim of many a gentleman but she is deadeningly aware of how boring so many of these gentlemen areHer manipulative guardian has unexpectedly allowed her to find a husband of her own choosing and she has no intention of marrying any man who tries to tame her There must be someone perfect for her someone who can live up to the promise of that long ago kissThen at a ball fate strikes Once again it is the Christmas season and across the crowded room Helena stands transfixed for there is the man whose kiss she has never forgotten the man of her memory whom no other has ever been able to supplant Her wild mysterious Englishman Sebastian Cynster Duke of St IvesOne look and he's determined to reclaim her

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    Ok I made the super huge mistake of reading this as my first Cynster novel because you know it was about the parents and I have a total ocd when it comes of cronological order in a series Then while I was reading I found out that some years later the HEA the hero cheats on the heroine Well ok i didn't like it but I have an open mind shit can happen apparently it was a one night stand sort of thing done out of pity yeah Uhmmm and then they were happy and in love till death And THiS is my huge problem In the first book of the Bar Cynster only Helena is alive and well because Sebastian is DEAD Apparently he died relatively young several years before Then why why write a preuel? There will always be people who will want to start a series at the very beginning They will fall in love with Helena and Sebastian they will start Devil's bride sure to see them together and happy as parents and future grandparents and Sbam Oh no sorrysebastian died and he even cheated on his wife in the process WTF?I liked this book I got attached to the couple and now that i'm reading all the series Ihave to forget them Uff

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    Why write a romance book if you've already messed with the HEA?view spoilerAfter the book closes the H ends up cheating on the h with an OW because he feels pity or some BS And then a bastard child a result of the cheating is dropped off at his door the future H of Scandal's Bride and the h thinks his cheating is nbd because because she's all too happy that she can now raise another child?????? And by the time the series starts Cynster #1 the H of this book is already dead hide spoiler

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    OKAY So we pick up a Stephanie Laurens and we know without a shadow of a doubt that there will be a formula to the novel Hero meets Heroine they can't be together because insert obstacle here slowly they overcome said obstacle there is usually some horizontal jogging but alas they are torn apart by Insert obstacle here but then there is an action packed chapterending and then they all live happily ever afterI enjoy this I take comfort in this All is right in the world when THIS happensSo what happened to Sebastian and Helena? I loved them as a couple and would have given it five stars based on the development of their romance and the complete likability of their characters Helena was fiesty without being over dramatic which can be a fine line in similar novels Sebastian was the epitome of manliness and male perfection a standard in Laurens novels and he wooed our innocent Helena into an ever lasting bond that nothing could ever destroy 3 AwwAND THEN HE CHEATS ON HER? Sacre Dieu That soul deep burning physical need that Sebastian is described as having and he betrays that for the sake of pity? No Thanks If that was how this story was going to end that I don't think Laurens should have dedicated an entire novel to them as a couple I like my men manly and monogomous and I will accept no less in a regency novel

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    I'd read this years ago but somehow fictfactcom has this listed as both5 and 75 in the series I wasn't paying attention and I just reuested the next book from my library As I'm already up to book 17 in the series I'm well aware of what happens after they marry I find it interesting that no mention of Richard is made in the Epilogue that's supposed to chronicle the first few years of the marriage Kind of an important thing to leave out don't you think?I have no issues with the actual story in this book but this book should never have been written By the time we get this story we already know what Sebastian cheats on Helena I don't care if it was pity I don't care if it was only one night We have expectations of romance heroes and that includes not cheating on their wives Before Sebastian had his own book the story was acceptable and completely un notable It was just something that happened to Sylvester and Richard's parents Sure Helena is still alive in the series but as we've never read their love story they're only secondary characters Once they have their own book that all changes

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    Isn't it nice when the premise of an entire series is the result of the H's CHEATING? cue sarcastic eye rollSelf note

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    I started to read this one because it was the preuel to the popular Cynster series and I have the first book on my bookcase but I wanted to read about what started this family off I read about the first 75 or so pages The writing was fine it wasn't hugely fantastic to me but it was fine and I was enjoying but still not completely invested in the romance between Sebastian and Helena However I had found out through a friend who absolutely loves this series that view spoilera couplefew years into their marriage the hero cheats on her hide spoiler

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    I was going to give this a 4 star because it has great character development for books that were already written books 1 6 particularly Devil's Bride since Devil is Sebastian and Helena's son but there's one glaring point at issue that is bothering meview spoilerSo Helena and Sebastian are entirely devoted to one another at the end of the book And Helena is exactly like Sebastian in temprament ie possessive So WTF did she really think when Richard's dadretainer dropped him off at the front door of Somersham 11 months after Sebastian's political visit to Scotland? There's no way in hell Devil's version from what he remembered since he was only 3 or 4 at the time is correct as giving out that Helena was ridiculously pleased to have another child to raise No way she was that sanguinic The Helena in THIS book would have been seriously pissed about Sebastian straying Maybe he 'fessed up when he came back from Scotland so she already knew and the anger was worked outmaybe Richard's mom drugged Sebastian because of her visions from The Lady like Catriona did to Richardhmmmmm But anyway Sebastian would be lucky to still have his stones IMO after this Helena finished with him hide spoiler

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    I can't seem to stay interested in the second half of the book just like Book 1 of the series Both books were an almost DNF Thus I am in no rush to read the next book in this series

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    I listened to this audio while burned out on traditional historical romances and dozed my way through most of it with a vague feeling of having read all it before I had heard nothing but raves about this author but I didn't find anything special here to wake me out of my book induced semi coma The hero is an arrogant alpha man and the heroine is an arrogant privileged virgin Whoopie how many times have I read this love story before? Still I finished it hoping the whole time that I wasn't going take out any innocent commuters on my way to and from work Later This book was a very average historical romance and pretty much bored me from beginning to end Not bad not good just eh

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    This was pretty much a 3 or 4 star book for the genre However we find out in later books later chronologically not by year of publishing that the H cheated on the h Oh boy They were supposedly so in love But when H goes to some associate's place and sees how his poor wife is mistreated he pities her and wants to comfort her so he sleeps with her and puts her and the baby in a worse situation than before It just defies logic The h accepting the baby I get but accepting what the hubby did no no no no Last Stephanie Laurens book I read And I was uite enjoying the series too