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Special Price Today Only Regularly Priced At Wouldn T It Be Nice To Be Able To Have Such Control Over Your Emotions That You Could Be Happy Practically All Of The TimeWell, It S Actually Possible, And This Book Describes Multiple Different Ways That You Can Train Your Brain To Be Happy And Positive All The Time, Regardless Of Your Current Circumstances Happiness Is Available To All Of Us, But For Many Of Us It Is Buried Under Many Layers Of Negative Thoughts No More Negative Thinking How To Be Positive, Happy, And Optimistic All The Time Will Show You How To Eliminate Your Negative Thoughts And Replace Them With Positive Ones That Bring You Happiness And Peace Of Mind In A Few Short Weeks, You Can Be The Master Of Your Emotions Topics Covered In This Book Include Awareness The Foundation And First Step Towards Positive Change Affirmations Ways To Use Affirmations To Train Your Brain For Success And Happiness, Plus A Free Affirmation Audio Track You Can Listen To For Faster Results Visualization Advanced Visualization Techniques That Allow You To Create Positive Change In Your Life In A Very Short Amount Of Time Find Your Bliss The Power Of Living In The Moment And How To Find Activities That Bring You Peace Of Mind And Long Term Happiness Healthy Body Happy Mind The Importance Of Giving Your Body What It Needs And How It Leads To Dramatic Increases In Happiness Human Relationships How To Repair Damaged Relationships And How To Know When You Should Let Go And Move On To Better Things Many Years Of Relentless Study Of Some Of The Happiest And Most Successful People In The World Have Preceded Me Writing This I Bring This To You With Hopes That You Can Use It To Enhance Your Life And Go On To Live The Life You Always Dreamed Of You Deserve To Be Happy

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    If you have read or been into self help genre, this won t add anything new The author has condensed vital points into this short book This revolves on the idea of positive thinking and law of attraction You may read this as it is short and will refresh you up if you have lost your mojo For new readers, this one should excite.

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    Thank you.Amazing Book.I think I needed this book to get myself back.most of my life,I had been applying these principles in the book and was filled with joy,laughter,cheer.foolishly,I went in search of god.many evil humans and religious teachings made me sad by many mind control blackmagics and was falling to many trap set by many evil institutes like Rk mutt,brahmakumaris.one of them tried to murder and Real God has saved me.it took years for me to heal and recover and was possessed by demons and unexplainable sufferings.This book has saved me in a day and I have hope to get myself back filled with Joy, health,peace of course I believe Jesus also is keeping me safe now Thanks ton I am feeling so much happier after years

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    To sum up the book get into good habits by forcing yourself to think positive You do this through self reflection, affirmations and visualization At the end of the day try to find the good that occurred during the day, and you need to give yourself a goal for the next day I would summarize this as basically giving yourself purpose By seeking self improvement and setting achievable goals you give yourself purpose This is the key to happiness This book can help others when they understand that life needs purpose and part of that purpose is to seek to self improvement The author puts high value in affirmations which can help I ll just say the fact that you are willing to do them shows you are willing to make the other necessary changes in your life because you want to be better The same goes for the visualizations the author suggests The author encourages the reader to think positively about his her life I would simplify it to be grateful for your life and happiness will come.

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    A Short read but powerful simplifiedThis is an excellent short read helps people transform into positive life The most important part in this book that I loved is Affirmation and Visualisation, both are very important to maintain the picture of who we are, if not yet who we want to be I would recommend this book to people who suffer from negativity and once they could lay habds on it ,their life will change, but not overnight though Have a nice read.

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    I had great experience I m a refugee in Azerbaijan and I feel so bless to read this book it s just remind me myself 4 years ago before all bad things my in my life, nut praise to God I m safe and I ve gotten new life and I m still waiting to move to other country while I don t know what I will do there but this book helps me to relax and attention on what I have and to be thankful for it Thank you Roksana

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    A very good book full of honesty and how you should live your live i holy reconmend itI think think this book deserves this many stars ,one of the best books I ve read on this subject ,Roger H

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    Short and inspiring This is a quick read, packed with helpful information The author did a great job of delivering the content in a easy to understand format A few references would ve strengthened the book.

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    OMG This is an amazing short read I ve read books like this before but the author puts it in plain English and makes it easy to understand that happiness is just a thought away There s also a free gift

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    Simple but great insight I like his approach and simplicity in this book This has helped remind me on how easy this can be

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    i agree