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Williams s essay is a precursor and foundational influence on the work of Richard Dawkins, which is how I came to it Dawkins re purposes and expands upon many of the ideas that G C Williams explores in Adaptation and Natural Selection A Critique of Some Current Evolutionary Thought He fiercely protects individual fitness and natural selection based on the reproductive success of genes He argues against group selection and biotic adaptations as largely unnecessary, the phenomena of which should be explained using the lowest common denominator of individual genetic selection as vehicles for genes the things truly being reproduced and passed between generations This work and others later leads Dawkins to suggest that the genes themselves are the units of natural selection The work is quite accessible given its importance to 20th century evolutionary thought If I had known of it ahead of time, I would have chosen to read it before some others. Must read for biologists I love reading about evolution It is along with economy the most important topics to study if you want to understand psychology and how the basic principles work So of course I was going to read one of the most quoted books in evolutionary psychology It is said to be the foundation of modern psychology and one of the most important books ever written So it has to be good, right Not so much It was very boring Since I read it in 2015 I can compare it to modern books on evolution It did not have any pictures, illustrations or graphs something extremely important for explaining evolution It had a boring impersonal narrative form with no jokes, quirks or even interesting writing It was dated on a lot of points and with very few sources A book like this today would be considered very intellectual but would drawn in illustrative books, which it does.So, is group selection an significant part of evolution No, but you can read about evolution in many other books Historically it is a 10 star book no doubt But it makes for a boring read And don t read it to understand evolution if you are beginner in the field It has a few mistakes in it that at least in my 70 s version were not corrected but along with many good examples too. This is the book that killed group selectionist thinking dead It is also the book that Dawkin s Selfish Gene is a mere popularization of, as he readily admits So skip Dawkin s purple prose, go right to the source and read this instead. Biological Evolution Is A Fact But The Many Conflicting Theories Of Evolution Remain Controversial Even Today In , Simple Darwinism, Which Holds That Evolution Functions Primarily At The Level Of The Individual Organism, Was Threatened By Opposing Concepts Such As Group Selection, A Popular Idea Stating That Evolution Acts To Select Entire Species Rather Than Individuals George Williams S Famous Argument In Favor Of The Darwinists Struck A Powerful Blow To Those In Opposing Camps His Adaptation And Natural Selection,now A Classic Of Science Literature, Is A Thorough And Convincing Essay In Defense Of Darwinism Its Suggestions For Developing Effective Principles For Dealing With The Evolution Debate And Its Relevance To Many Fields Outside Biology Ensure The Timelessness Of This Critical Work