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Impatient To Meet Her Intended Groom And Help Him Grow His General Store, Mail Order Bride Eliza Cantrell Sets Out On Her Travels A Week Early But Her Plan Goes Sadly Awry When Her Train Is Held Up By Robbers Who Steal Her Dowry, And Axel, Her Groom To Be, Isn T Even In Town When She Finally ArrivesAxel S Business Partner, William Stanton, Has No Head For Business And Would Much Rather Be A Doctor When His Friend S Mail Order Bride Arrives In Town With No Money And No Groom In Sight, He Feels Responsible And Lets Her Help Around The Store Where She Quickly Proves She S Much Adept At Business Than He Ever Will BeThe Sparks That Fly Between Will And Eliza As They Work Together In Close Quarters Are Hard To Ignore, But Eliza Is Meant For Axel And A Future With The Store, While Will Is Biding His Time Until He Can Afford Medical School When Axel Finally Returns, Their Troubles Are Far From Over, And Soon Will And Eliza Must Decide What They Re Willing To Sacrifice To Chase Their Dreams Or If God Has A New Dream In Store For Them Both

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    4.5 starsI liked this even better than the first in the series It feels like I m right there with Eliza and Will in small town Kansas as they work through what their dreams really mean to them and how much they are willing to give up for a true calling When one man s actions threaten both of their dreams, they each face having to start over with nothing.The characterization is great and I especially appreciated the spiritual lessons that are worked into the story so naturally Life isn t easy on the prairie and faith gets tested Well done story.

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    I am excited about my latest read In a town where mail order brides are being scooped up before they have a chance with their intendeds, we find our story Eliza Cantrall is anxious to meet her own husband to be, Axel, and takes off early to surprise him On the way, she is robbed of all her savings and is now showing up without the money she promised him.Will Stanton is Axel s business partner and town preferred doctor He has no practicing license, or schooling for that matter, but cares for his patients and they adore him When Eliza arrives, Axel is nowhere to be found and Will finds himself drawn to her.I love that this novel isn t just a love story, but a spiritual journey, as well Both, Eliza and Will, have to work through their dreams, hopes and desires while learning to trust God They both have to realize what is most important in life and trust that God loves them enough to provide through all things.I am giving this 4 stars because I really enjoyed reading it, I liked Will and Eliza and their strong character It was a light, easy read, but fun and had some depth Great story Thanks, and Bethany House for giving me this book for an honest review Here s to many

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    A Bride In Storeby Melissa JagearsBethany House Publishers August, 2014 Reviewed by Carrie Fancett PagelsSweet Story with Rich Layers Eliza Cantrell, the daughter of a Eastern businessman, arrives in Kansas only to be robbed on the train enroute She has come as a mail order bride, bringing funds to assist the mercantile owner of what is primarily a men s shop But her intended isn t even in town when she arrives Instead Eliza begins helping William Stanton, her husband to be s business partner at the store Except William doesn t seem to know much about business at all He wants to be a doctor Not only that but he is generous to a fault, failing to charge for services and goods Will Eliza marry the man who sent for her Will William find a way to attend medical school Their sweet romance affects everything Bibliotherapy elements Robbery and attack with injury so there is some PTSD, abandonment by her family, self concept issues, sexism against a woman being a business owner, honesty in relationships, and This novel has lots of lovely layers of meaningfulness Not a light fluffy mail order bride story

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    Eliza is not having a good day She is a mail order bride and had decided to meet her future husband early But the train she is on is robbed and she loses all of her inheritance It s the money that she was going to use to invest in her husband s store She receives a nice gash to the face as well and inadvertently meets her new associate when he stitches up her face Her husband, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found.I ve enjoyed every one of Melissa Jagears books and this one was no exception I enjoyed the interaction between the couple The message of grace that is woven throughout the story is prominent without being pushy or preachy The full of life characters definitely add to the plot There is heartbreak and sacrifice, but the overall theme is redeeming If taken to heart, this book can help you grow in your Christian walk as well as entertain you I can t wait to read her next book.I received this book free of charge from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

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    This book was pretty interesting It had a good a storyline, the characters where well rounded, and I absolutely loved the plot twist, even though I sort of guessed who it would be.The relationship progressed too slow for me personally I m a mushy gushy person and while I don t want romance as soon as I start out, around the halfway mark, I want a little bit of mushy gushy stuff And not just the little flirts back and forth, like an actual relationship Just give me a few kisses and super sappy romantic crap please THAT S ALL I WANT.The language was pretty clean and the romance was also pretty clean It was all pretty clean.It was a pretty sweet story that I would recommend, especially if you are not a fan of heavy romance I will probably not read it again though, at least for a while.

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    Another sweet mail order bride story by Melissa Jagears I must admit I enjoyed A Bride for Keeps a bit , but both were enjoyable reads.

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    A train robbery, a pistol butt across the face, a missing fianc , a facial scar, an almost doctor practicing medicine, competing mercantile and a five and dime, missing money, missing merchandise, break ins, debt, a selfish banker, and two people who clearly love each other but can t seem to admit it Add to that several plot twists and there s a recipe for a fairly good book.Oh, I had my frustrations with the story, like Crucial decisions without discussionOr silence about someone s feelings for another Ugh, just be honest A hero who is wish washy, and way too kind for his own good A heroine whose life goal of a business venture took priority over love view spoiler This cannot be classified as a romance novel as there was no romance It was unacknowledged attraction until the end, then an epilogue What I did appreciate was the heroine s not particularly attractive appearance and frumpy clothing worsened by a facial scar, but the handsome William Stanton seeing beyond that, and was drawn to the appealing person underneath hide spoiler

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    It was okay 2.5 starsA Bride in Store is Melissa Jagears sopho novel It comes after A Bride for Keeps though you don t really have to read them in order I had really enjoyed A Bride for Keeps and had high expectations for this book I m sorry to say that it fell a bit short of my expectations The descriptions were well done and I could easily picture each scene I enjoyed the historical details included, though it isn t set around any particular event, so there weren t many There is a lot of information about stores and the goods they sold, which was interesting, but they sometimes seemed to clutter the story instead of enhancing it Eliza Cantrell is the heroine in this story She is strong, determined, and not overly feminine I wasn t able to connect with her much at all and struggled to continue reading She isn t a very likable character and I found her somewhat annoying She is portrayed as not being very attractive and that seemed to be something of a sticking point for her She kept thinking about how Will was attractive than her and that she hoped her fianc would like her She is also quite selfish, though we do see some resolution on this point She becomes aware of it and does her best to be selfless, though it seemed to me that she tried to do it on her own strength, instead of relying on the Lord William Stanton is the hero and he s interesting He isn t much the stereotypical hero, which was nice He s a store owner, but is called to be a doctor He cares for the people around town, even though he isn t certified and doesn t often get paid for it He is very selfless and kind, a nice change from Eliza But those traits get him into trouble, because he won t say no to anyone and is taken advantage of often He meets Eliza when he is asked to care for her after she arrives He then goes out of his way to help her and make her feel welcome, but she doesn t seem to notice All she can think about is owning her own store and her hopes and dreams I admired his tenacity and willingness to overlook her faults and forgive her when she inadvertently wounds him He has trouble accepting the death that comes with being a doctor He feels like a failure whenever he can t help someone and questions God I thought Ms Jagears did a great job of portraying his struggle realistically.I actually didn t care for their relationship It starts out very one sided and doesn t change until about half way through the story Will had some of what I would consider borderline inappropriate thoughts about Eliza almost immediately, which was a little strange That is dealt with shortly thereafter and it turned into a good lesson on controlling your thoughts, so thankfully that was resolved pretty quickly They end up becoming something of friends, but that seemed rather awkward, considering Will was half in love with her and Eliza was still suspicious of pretty much everyone She is pretty cold to him at first and considered him to be a bit of an idiot, at least when it came to business matters When they do become than just friends, it seemed to me they were constantly making up excuses for why it wouldn t work, instead of just talking about it and trying to work it out I quickly became frustrated with them and seriously considered skipping to the end I refrained, but it was tempting One thing I will say that I did enjoy quite a bit was the spiritual aspect I liked that it kind of progressed throughout and didn t focus on just one subject It changed as the characters grew in each area I do think Ms Jagears took the sacrifice part a little bit too far, because then it became a road block for the characters Eliza was trying to become selfless, so she was attempting to let go of Will so he could follow his dreams, and Will was letting go of Eliza so she could have her dreams It just grew into this huge issue, which neither of them would talk about see above complaint Also, they rarely consider what God might desire for them, but rather pursue their own thoughts and desires through the majority of the story The ending was little odd and I didn t think it really added to the story For me, it just drug it out and left me wanting something different As negative as this review is, the book truly wasn t awful or I wouldn t have finished it I obviously found it lacking in a few areas, but it was an okay read It will not be a book I reread, but I will definitely read this author again in hopes her next book is as good as the first I received a complementary copy of this book from the publisher through The Christian Manifesto for my honest review, which I have given I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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    Enjoyed it even than the first one full review to come.A Bride in Store is a worthy follow up to the first novel in this series In fact, I believe that her characters are even developed, the writing finessed and the plot tighter I was especially taken with the unique plot points that she included in the story Bereft of the store she used to run for her father, Eliza Cantrell travels to Kansas to be a mail order bride for a man who owns a store, hoping that she will find a willing partner in both the store and marriage, if not complete happiness The story starts with a bang in an unexpected train robbing scene From the get go, it s obvious that our Eliza is a quick thinker and is not afraid to fight for what is rightfully hers I really enjoyed her personality she is entirely a lady of the times, but also unique in that she wants to be the owner and proprietor of her own store She is not so forward thinking that she wasn t realistic to the time period, but is still certainly distinct.The setting of 1881 Salt Flatts, Kansas feels authentic, as do the details about businesses at that time I also found the details about healthcare back then fascinating they really added a lot to the story Some of the tidbits were tragic, but true to the time period when sickness and often death were simply an everyday matter The side characters added great layers to the story I especially loved Mrs Lightfoot, the proprietor of the boarding house where Eliza lived Without giving away too many details, I found her story to be intriguing and unexpected, and the relationship she and Eliza developed to be engaging I admit that Will Stanton is not my typical favorite male lead, but he definitely grew on me as the story progressed He is a thoughtful and somewhat reserved, yet he is selfless and doesn t find worth in himself Will dreams of studying to become a doctor, but in the meantime, takes care of his friend Axel s store Thrown off by Eliza s early arrival, he allows her to work in the store until Axel s return I could really feel the tension and pull of attraction between them as Axel s absence stretches into weeks As their dreams and hopes for the future pull them in different directions, they navigate this new territory that springs up between them Though I was never unsure of what the outcome would be, the journey getting there was a satisfying one There was one plot twist regarding Axel that I actually did not see coming at all, so that was fun Overall, there was quite a bit action than what I originally thought The spiritual aspect of the novel touched on several things, but the most prominent one for me was seeking God s will for your life, and how sometimes your ideals and dreams don t always align with that will Sometimes you have to be willing to adapt and change your mind about things I enjoyed watching Eliza and Will work through these things, even though at times it is painful, the outcome was better than they imagined.A Bride in Store was a great blend of unique historical details, endearing romance and well rounded characters who experienced relatable dilemmas Just an all around fun read for me I m looking forward to Melissa Jagears next book 4.5 stars

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    I ll start with what you really want to know this is a good book My favorite aspect of this story was the unexpected characters There s a lady who s a former side show oddity, a hero with a girly sneeze, a well respected citizen with a secret and that s all I will say about that , and a guy who faints at the sight of blood Just when I d get lulled into thinking I knew everything about this sleepy little town, some fresh quirk would appear.Now for the official information Eliza Cantrell doesn t like suspense Eager to meet her pen pal intended, she leaves for Salt Flatts a week early which throws her smack dab in the middle of a train robbery Her nest egg is stolen, she s beaten and when she gets to Salt Flatts she finds her fiance is out of town Lucky for Eliza, her intended s business partner William Stanton is there to greet her, but William is soon put to the test He can t ignore his partner s bride to be someone needs to help her until he returns but how can he work with this intrepid young lady without losing his heart This is a sweet story with the perfect balance of thought provoking conviction and romantic attraction A Bride in Store was given to me by my friends at Bethany House so I thought I d go ahead and post a review about it since I liked it so much.