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Of Jackson Park the first Cook County mystery featuring an unconventional trio of sleuths Margo Jefferson of The New York Times said “Charlotte Carter blends street savvy with wry urbanity and delivers a truly modern big city crime tale” Now Carter returns with another suspenseful novel that brings the black experience to vivid life during one of the most turbulent times in American historyIt is December 1968 In the wake of assassinations and the violence of the Democratic convention in Chicago “Summer of Love” idealism has disintegrated into suspicion and disillusion On the city’s North Side twentyishCassandra Perry longs to be independent She leaves the overprotective embrace of her granduncle and grandaunt Woody ans Ivy Lisle and moves into a multiracial commune dedicated to brotherhood and just causes But Cassandra’s search for identity plunges her into the dark side of peace love and unlimited freedom–even before she discovers the brutally violated bodies of the commune’s most charismatic activist coupleAs Cassandra investigates with the help of Woody and Ivy she begins to see some friends–especially one of her dearest–in a disturbing deadly light But when the three amateur sleuths run afoul of a police cover up with explosive political ramifications they face a desperate enemy determined to bury the–along with the truth

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    nothing exceptional in this book easy reading book but a bit uneventful and flat

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    This was not my usual type of book but loosely fell into the genre I enjoy This book set back in 1968 while a departure was very good I will look for by this author

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    Chicago 1969 Una muchacha negra desaparece y su abuelo pide ayuda para encontrarla Por supuesto no la pide a la policía porue tras los disturbios por la muerte de Martin Luther King no están por la labor de ayudar a los negros sino a Woody el tío abuelo de Cassandra Nos adentramos en los barrios negros de Chicago donde todo es miseria y cutrez y en los grupos de protesta de negros universitarios desde donde se lucha contra el poder blanco establecido Cassandra tuvo una infancia de mierda y sólo se libró de ser una adolescente problemática gracias a ue su madre la abandonó y su abuela se murió cuando Cass empezaba a despuntar Ivy y Woody la acogieron en su casa y le dieron una educación ue no habría tenido en otras circunstancias Ivy y Woody son negros sí pero de un estatus diferente al de los negros empobrecidos Y es a Woody a uien el abuelo de la muchacha desaparecida pide ayuda Y pronto se da cuenta de ue esa desaparición es cuanto menos rara Y peligrosa para sus vidas Y se van metiendo los tres en una trama violenta en extremo ue les hace arriesgar sus vidasEs un libro muy al estilo de las pelis de Humphrey Bogart Te lo imaginas en blanco y negro con esos cochazos de antes Pero no me ha acabado de calar la verdad Aunue es corto y se lee bastante rápido no ha sido una historia ue me haya acabado de gustar

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    Continuing with the characters introduced in Jackson Park Charlotte Carter returns to 1968 Chicago where an older Cassandra Perry is caught up in the hippie lifestyle popular during that era She is a rebel having moved from the protective home of her aunt and uncle into a multi cultural commune where vegetarian diets free love and an endless supply of drugs are the norm She is playing grown up and her latest decision is to drop out of college an act that would break her family's heart Things uickly change when the lead interracial couple of the commune is brutally murdered and the commune members become the prime suspects Common for her generation trust in the police is eroded by years of corruption racism and apathy so she starts her own investigation into the death of her friends With the help of her aunt and uncle she discovers a complex plot involving drugs Black Nationalists and vengeful Viet Nam war protestors Carter has a gift for transporting the reader to another time and place via references to the music of period the clothes and use the slang terms and dialogue of her characters This is a very uick enjoyable and easy read for mystery lovers

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    The setting for this mystery story is in 1968 Chicago Cassandra Perry moves away from his uncle and aunt’s home to a commune where she considers all the members her good friends in the beginning When two members of the commune are murdered Cassandra takes it upon herself to find the killers despite the fact that however intelligent she is gullible and inexperienced in life and with interpersonal relationships Despite her rebelliousness Cassandra’s aunt and uncle help her along the way making a deal with her for her to return home once the murders are solved The details of the mystery and other relationship facts in the plot are up to the reader to find out The background of Chicago and the time of the story with its racial and political upheavals are skillfully shown without them overcrowding the plot Yet the storytelling especially in the beginning was a little less than desirable I also found the different and uirky secondary characters to be interesting and relatable than the main character The ending of the story however is a twist with complications and very well told

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    I found that adding the Summer of Love twist to a murder mystery to be an interesting thing to do You never really think about hippies in the 1960's and 1970's being murdered and what their friends would do if it did happen I did enjoy that story but thought that it lacked the ability to form a connection with the reader to the main character I found Cass to be very annoying in her I used to be a good girl and now I trying to fit in by being something I'm not and showing a lot of immature attitude to cover it up tyrants When she finally gets down to investigating the murders I found I liked her but still was never able to get over the earlier attitude Still this book has something to offer that most other mysteries do not a laid back hippie perspective of a murder of close friends Overall I enjoyed Trip Wire and it is a good story it just didn't wow me like I was hoping because I never really got into the main characterI rated this book a 7 out of 10

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    library audiobookThe strength of this book is depiction of the counter culture of the late '60's As with many of its type the plot depends on the willful mistakes of the main character Cassandra but in this instance her motivation is counter culture and rings true Her smoking dope and engaging in casual and risky sex were also strengths African american characters are rare The deductions come from a muddy backstory for her uncle Woody and a conspiracy that emerges from near no whereMight read others

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    listeneddidn't finish Didn't care for the venue language political leaning