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No One Is Immune The Lord Jesus Warned That False Prophets Would Deceive Many In Last Days Find Out How Satanic Pollution From Eastern Religions Was Adopted By The Roman Catholic Church And Has Now Spread Into Some Of The Most Popular Charismatic And Evangelical Ministries TodayThe First Thing The Lord Jesus Told His Disciples When They Asked Him, What Shall Be The Sign Of Thy Coming, And Of The End Of The World Was Take Heed Beware That No Man Deceive You Jesus Repeated This Warning Four Times In Matthew Alone Why Then Has The Church Become So Lax In Guarding Itself Against Deception Why Do Most Christians Continue To Embrace Almost Anyone And Anything That Claims To Be From God Join Me As I Share How The Holy Spirit Led Me To The Truth About The Egyptian Desert Fathers, The Roman Catholic Church, The Emerging Church, And The Current Prayer And Prophetic Movements In The Charismatic Church Discover How The Doors To The Church Have Been Opened Wide To Satan By False Prophets, Counterfeit Manifestations, And The Use Of Eastern Meditative Techniques Such As Repetitious Prayers, Visualization, And Even Astral Projection Chances Are You Or Someone You Know Have Been Affected By These Demonic Practices And Deceptions That Have Crept Into The Church It Is Time To Cleanse The House Of God

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    If you are a TRUE CHRISTIAN you will really enjoy this book I recommend any book by Dean Odle to anyone and everyone I read this book in a little under 2 days I came in here to leave my review and I am flabbergasted that people have not read or reviewed this book.This book speaks volumes Pastor Dean Odle gives us great detail of how Yashua has worked in his life It also explains false so called prophets in the world today It explains how certain things that the world accepts as normal today, is in fact works of the devil Great Job Dean I can not wait to read your future works