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Awesome kids bookI really liked this book a lot and am going to read again.Star wars episode threeYahoo mail and the things you ve been in a few minutes late for workYahoo mail to quit smoking a cigarette and I have no clue where to go out with youI don t know what you doing today and projects that are not allowed to the gym nowYahoo and Google now on my phone was in a bit about it here in a bit about it Another good Berenstain Bears book learning but not in your face learning book Everyone was meaning to get around to doing them but never did Mama would always have to do it for them But one day she stopped doing it The house started piling up with cobwebs, dishes, dirty clothes etc The family saw how important it was for everyone to help do their part everyday Little things every day that helps one another around the house Written in a way that is fun to read listen to and to look at the illustrations as well. Amazing Ebook, The Berenstain Bears And The Trouble With Chores Berenstain Bears Author Stan Berenstain This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Berenstain Bears And The Trouble With Chores Berenstain Bears , Essay By Stan Berenstain Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I didn t like this one very much I thought it was boring. Stan Jan Berenstain s classic Berenstain Bears stories were personal favorites throughout my childhood, and now I use them often, whether for reading to young children or for teaching English to older children and adults Not only are they beautifully illustrated, consistently humorous, and full of educational content They also teach morals and provide guidelines for social interaction in a way that s neither patronizing, nor puerile, nor pedantic The Trouble With Chores specifically addresses the problems most of us have managing our time with respect to menial tasks, but focuses on a family approach to such an issue Note that this book was published in 2005, fairly late in the Bears series when the family includes Honey bear, the baby sister of Brother and Sister bear just in case you ve already read some Berenstain Bear books and do not wish to be surprised by this addition. This book was about having trouble with chores and they always have good excuses for them one is about the lawn mower thing and a spider web and papa said I don t want to ruin mama s web and that was a good excuse and there was a poop one there was dog poop on the floor and the sister says I m waiting for it to dry so it ll be easier for it to be scoop up Brother s excuse was to skip setting the table because there was a tv show and he wanted to do a report to them I didn t really like the story because they didn t do their chores a lot but at the end SPOILER they did and there was also a crossword in the book that I did and there was a maze that I did My favorite character was all of them even the baby even though the baby almost knocked over the lamp I loved them all because they all eventually cleaned up It was only mama at first but then all of them did it I would recommend this book because I would show this to other people to say this is what would happen when you don t clean with your mommyor daddy. I loved this book because it shows how families have to work together to keep the house in order It also shows the balance needed to have work and play and keep everyone happy.LESSON At the beginning of the school year the teacher can implement a lesson on order and taking care of your classroom the same way you take care of things at home The teacher can makes labels and place them around the classroom The students would then identify and place things in their appropriate places This can be repeated again in the middle of the school year if needed The children can also discuss what their roles are at home and the chores they do at home The teacher can then give them roles in the classroom. The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Chores by Stan and Jan BerenstainWe have Mama Bear upset again Papa Bear and the cubs are slacking off with chores again and the house is getting trashed She tries to assign chores to everyone, to no avail Solution, reverse psychology, love it.She decides she s had enough and stops cleaning After awhile, the family works together to get the tree house back in order Pretty sure my house would implode, if I tried this But is it a cute story to teach everyone to help out, and things run smoother. Doesn t hold up with time old gender norms and stereotypes This book was published over 25 years after the inception of the Berenstain Bears, and it s sad frustrating to see that Papa Bear is as much of a doofus as ever Why is the doofy dad such a trope in children s books and TV shows