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Peter Guttman Offers A Dazzling Overview Of The Holiday Season Throughout The United StatesNothing Reminds Us Of The Good Things In Life Family, Friendship, Food, And Good Cheer Than Christmas With Stunning Images And Illuminating Text, Award Winning Photographer Peter Guttman Offers A Dazzling Overview Of The Wintry Landscapes, Traditions, Ceremonies, Spectacles, And Pastimes Of The Holiday Season Throughout The United States Delve Into The Landscapes And Streetscapes Of Christmas In America And You Can Almost Smell The Frosted Scent Of Snow Covered Pines, Of Chestnuts Roasting, And Of Family Meals Being SharedIn The East, We Find The Spirit Of The Season In A Cozy Vermont Country Inn, Or An Army Of Elves In A Philadelphia Parade, Or The Sweeping Grace Of The Sugar Plum Fairies In The Nutcracker Suite In Our Heartland, We Dogsled Through A Crystal Wilderness In Minnesota, Discover Blazing Bonfires In Louisiana, And Explore Regal Plantations Aglow In Mississippi The Snowy Cliffs Of The Grand Canyon, Steam Trains Weaving High Amongst The Rockies, The Textured Pueblos Of New Mexico, The Almost Heavenly Night Sky Of Utah S Monument Valley, And The Indescribable Glazed Beauty Of Yosemite Reflect The West With These Vistas, And , Peter Guttman Captures What Is So Magical About Us And Our Land Like The Holiday Season Itself, Christmas In America Is A Treasure