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Fiction Or Philosophy, Profound Knowledge Or Shocking Heresy When V Estiges Of The Natural History Of Creation Was Published Anonymously In , It Sparked One Of The Greatest Sensations Of The Victorian Era More Than A Hundred Thousand Readers Were Spellbound By Its Startling Vision An Account Of The World That Extended From The Formation Of The Solar System To The Spiritual Destiny Of Humanity As Gripping As A Popular Novel, Vestiges Combined All The Current Scientific Theories In Fields Ranging From Astronomy And Geology To Psychology And Economics The Book Was Banned, It Was Damned, It Was Hailed As The Gospel For A New Age This Is Where Our Own Public Controversies About Evolution BeganIn A Pioneering Cultural History, James A Secord Uses The Story Of Vestiges To Create A Panoramic Portrait Of Life In The Early Industrial Era From The Perspective Of Its Readers We Join Apprentices In A Factory Town As They Debate The Consequences Of An Evolutionary Ancestry We Listen As Prince Albert Reads Aloud To Queen Victoria From A Book That Preachers Denounced As Blasphemy Vomited From The Mouth Of Satan And We Watch As Charles Darwin Turns Its Pages In The Flea Ridden British Museum Library, Fearful For The Fate Of His Own Unpublished Theory Of Evolution Using Secret Letters, Secord Reveals How Vestiges Was Written And How The Anonymity Of Its Author Was Maintained For Forty Years He Also Takes Us Behind The Scenes To A Bustling World Of Publishers, Printers, And Booksellers To Show How The Furor Over The Book Reflected The Emerging Industrial Economy Of PrintBeautifully Written And Based On Painstaking Research, Victorian Sensation Offers A New Approach To Literary History, The History Of Reading, And The History Of Science Profusely Illustrated And Full Of Fascinating Stories, It Is The Most Comprehensive Account Of The Making And Reception Of A Book Other Than The Bible Ever Attempted Winner Of The Pfizer Award From The History Of Science Society

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    James Secord is without a doubt the leading expert of all time on Robert Chambers s The Vestiges of Creation Secord tells us why Chambers book was so successful, why it was criticized and why its author remained anonymous until after his death.I recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand a major part of the story about why evolution was in the air in the first half of the 19th century.But in writing this superb and brilliantly scholarly story, Secord failed to see the most important connection between Chambers and Darwin Because, not only did Darwin meet Chambers, not only did they correspond and not only did Darwin know Chambers was the secret author of Vestiges Chambers had in 1832 over a decade before he penned the Vestiges actually read and cited Patrick Matthew s 1831 book that contained the full theory of natural selection It seems likely than not, therefore, that some form of knowledge contamination of Matthew s discovery took place between Matthew and Chambers and then from Chambers to Darwin So much now for the self serving Darwinist myth started by Darwin that Matthew s book failed to influence anyone If Secord had discovered this crucial fact about Matthew and Chambers then HIS book would have been an international sensation because according to Darwin no naturalist known to him had read Matthew s book until 1860 the year after Darwin s Origin was first published Darwin lied Hopefully, we will see a second edition of Secord s excellent book now that Darwin s cat is out the bag Before then, however, Professor Secord will need to come up to speed with the New Data by reading Nullius in Verba Darwin s Greatest Secret

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    While it was nice to have this book tie in everything we ve talked about in class, and I understand that it was quite an achievement to get all aspects of Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation publication not to mention this is exactly what I want to do with Asian American history , I found the subject matter quite boring I would, however, like to read Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation very much.

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    My only concrete complaint about this book is that I believe that Secord essentially tries to cover too much in one book, thus making his arguments at timesconvoluted That being said, the connection to reform with the growth of the Victorian print cultureexplained through the publication and response to one book is one of the interesting historical monographs I ve read this year.It did make me want to study the culture and I believe his views are on point but the book can bog itself down rather quickly.

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    It was very thorughly researched Only likely to appeal to someonw iwth a deep interest in the history of the idea of evoloution.I enjoyed it but it was a tough read

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    Brilliant, masterful, and amazing.

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    Despite the title, it s not erotica It s about a book that hit the stores 20 years before Darwin Very, very through history.

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