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SPINE CHILLING SUSPENSE RELENTLESS ACTION STARK TERRORAn Old Man Is Possessed And Tormented By An Evil Spirit The Ghost Of A Little Girl Returns To Terrorise Her Isolated Outback Home A House In An Affluent Suburb Becomes A Place Of Worship For Followers Of The Black Arts Crew Members Begin To Die As A Cryogenics Experiment On A Space Station Goes Horribly Wrong A Corpse Is Grotesquely Brought Back To Life In The Name Of ScienceSeemingly Unconnected Occurences Yet Linked By One Figure Ex Priest, Matthew KindlingFighting For His Sanity And His Life, Relentlessly Pursued By Darkness, Kindling Is Inexorably Propelled Towards A Confrontation With An Evil Beyond Human Imagining

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    This was a random purchase I made in a charity store, and I was quite expecting it to just be another average ghost yarn However, I was soon to find out that I had stumbled upon something really quite rare an original and well thought out story, written by an Australian author no one seems to have heard of, and it just about scared the hell out of me This book combines many unrelated stories, and all of them are just as terrifying as the next The best way to sum this up would be to imagine a story that combines Kubrick s 2001 A Space Odyssey , with Paranormal Activity , with Ridley Scott s Alien This is a great novel, and I am quite surprised it has never been adapted into a movie Sometimes great stories can go by unnoticed, which is unfortunate for this one

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    I found this book at Lifeline Bookfest For those of you reading this review who are not in Australia, Bookfest is where millions of books are arranged, cheaply priced, and made ready for the hungry book worms of Australia It s amazing Ghost Beyond Earth came into my life because I found it hiding on the 1 table and I had just enough space for one unnecessary purchase The back cover reads An old man is possessed and tormented by an evil spirit The ghost of a little girl returns to terrorise her isolated outback home A house in an affluent suburb becomes a place of worship for followers of the black arts Crew members begin to die as a cryogenics experiment on a space station goes horribly wrong A corpse is grotesquely brought back to life in the name of science Seemingly unconnected occurrences yet linked by one figure ex priest, Matthew Kindling Fighting for his sanity and his life, relentlessly pursued by Darkness, Kindling is inexorably propelled towards a confrontation with an evil beyond human imagining.Read his story if you dare This book had thrown down the gauntlet And for 1 I decided that I would dare to read Kindling s story It was a great decision You know what s scary Ghosts And space And this particular ghost can also blow up black hawk helicopters I shit you not This is the kind of book that s unbelievable, quite terrifying, and very well written I would recommend Ghost Beyond Earth to everyone, from lovers of horror to lovers of kitsch it s a fun and scary ride.

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    GHOST BEYOND EARTH by G M Hague Pan Macmillan.591 pps 31 Chaps 180,000 words.A meld of ghost story with Sci fi takes us into a space station orbiting Earth, carrying half a dozen astronauts of both genders and a somewhat secret cryogenics lab The main male character is the unlikely hero, Matthew, who is an ex priest who left the priesthood and the church after an uncomfortable encounter with an evil spirit He is a sort of conduit for the spirit world and seems to be a focus for spiritual activity One of the living corpses in the cryogenic lab is an evil gangster called Vasta, with whom Matthew has had some contact in life After being recruited into the wake up programme that s taking place aboard the space station, Matthew falls in love with his liaison officer, the beautiful, mysterious and gifted Louise Ghostly appearances disrupt life on the space station and result in the deaths of three of the crew Further ghostly activity disturbs the lives of a family in the Australian outback All are linked by the evil spirit, or demon, that has commandeered Vasta s frozen body in the hope of catching Matthew s soul, having attempted to get him during the event that caused him to leave the church Belief has to be suspended for much of the book and I was willing to do so for most of the time But there were passages that seemed incredible, where the quality of the writing wasn t up to the narrative That said, it was book I wanted to complete and was a reasonable read Detail of the space station was good, as was the claustrophobic atmosphere on board Some of the characters could have been better drawn but the main ones were believable and held enough sympathy for the reader to identify and care Not as frightening as the cover suggests, but an entertaining book for all that.

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    I really enjoyed this book, right up until the last few pages, where it DIDN T end I can t stand a book that doesn t finish the story, now I feel I have completely wasted my time There is no conclusion, it doesn t tell you what happened to the characters, the tiny, tantalising snippets it does give out are totally frustrating Is there a sequel Cos at the moment I feel like screaming Not happy at all

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    Such fun, similar to his other book The devil s numbers Once again we have an evil presence, this time inhabiting a space station causing all sorts of terrible troubles for the crew It also greatly upsets an outback family Enter our hero to sort it all out, but the mystery continues. Not spooky but a fun read.

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    Started off great, gave me nightmares, then went stupid but the ending with the EVA was an awesome idea Not to bad.