Prime Paws For Murder Author Annie Knox –

This was a good first entry in the series I liked the characters and I m curious to see what Izzy and Sean s new relationship will look like The mystery definitely kept me guessing, I followed the red herrings well My biggest complaint was the authors use of the word effing I know cozies aren t supposed to have curse words in them but either use the real word or use nothing at all because using effing just looks effing dumb. I won a copy of this in a giveaway the author did on Facebook, in exchange for an honest review This author had another series out a couple of years ago written under another name that I absolutely loved, so was anxious to dive into this one The premise of a trendy pet clothing boutique sounded interesting since I m a huge animal lover I mostly like them WAY better than most people Izzy s on the rebound from a long term love affair gone bad and decides to go into business for herself, with her best friend, Rena, as a mostly partner When the towns crackpot activist shows up at the grand opening party to protest the business and then turns up dead in the alley behind the store later that night things get interesting Especially when Rena becomes suspect 1 Izzy goes into detective mode to clear her friend s name and ends up working with Rena s lawyer, another old friend who she has an uncomfortable past with There s no shortage of viable suspects in this one and though I figured out the bad guy about half way into the book that didn t detract from my enjoyment The only thing I didn t like was the feel to Izzy s relationship with Sean I hope that gets worked out a little better in the next one It just seemed a bit off in this one Great 1st outing for this new series If the rest are half as good as your previous series, Ms Knox, you ve got a real winner RECOMMEND This was great book to read Very fast paced, the mystery was well developed There was a great list of suspects that had really good reasons, why they might want to kill the victim You well be guessing all the way up towards the end of the book Loved the animal theme, the animals were so adorable I could just picture them running around in Trendy Tails and through the whole of Merryville Izzy, and the rest of the cast of human characters are great as well Each character has really interesting side stories That can continue in the next book in the series For anyone whom is interested in cozy mysteries or books based around animals I think you well really enjoy reading, Paws for Murder. Great book Very entertaining Izzy decides to open up her own pet boutique shop since she loves making clothes for animals with her friend Rena who makes animal treats in the small town of Merryville, Minn Except for the protest outside their shop by Sherry Harper, local activist everything seems to be going okay That is until Sherry is found dead behind their shop and Rena becomes the main suspect Rena ask her friend Brad to represent her in case she needs a lawyer and the three of them start asking a lot of questions They find out about Sherry and her family and friends then they want to but to clear Rena they have no choice This is a town full of creative characters A small town atmosphere with just the right amount of mystery. Izzy McHale Wants Her New Trendy Tails Pet Boutique In Merryville, Minnesota, To Be The Height Of Canine Couture And Feline Fashions But At The Store S Opening, It Turns Out It S A Human Who S Dressed To KillIzzy S Own Beloved Pets Are Dressed To The Nines For The Grand Opening Of Trendy Tails Feisty Feline Jinx Is Large And In Charge, And Happy Mutt Packer Is Lapping Up The Attention Izzy And Her Best Friend Rena Have Their Hands Full Meeting Merryville S Menagerie And Serving Tasty Pupcakes And Kitty Canapes From Their Barkery The Last Thing They Need Is The Town S Local Activist, Sherry Harper, Scaring Off Customers And Getting Tongues Wagging By Picketing The Event The Two Manage To Stop Sherry S Protest In Its Tracks, But The Trouble For Trendy Tails Is Just Beginning Sherry Is Found Murdered In Back Of The Shop, And Rena Is Immediately Named As The Lead Suspect Now Izzy And Her Furry Friends Have A New Pet Project Collaring A KillerRST IN A NEW SERIES The book started a bit slow I had a hard time getting into the characters, but about mid way things seemed to come together.There was a dreaded love triangle, but it might be gone in the future I really liked Sean and how willing he was to help his friends Izzy was a bit iffy She kept accusing people with little evidence and anytime she had a faux pas she just kept referring to herself as Dizzy Izzy, which was annoying and a cop out view spoiler It was kind of sad that borrowing money from the trust led to murder Carla was a few months from being able to access her part of the trust and while I can understand wanting to help your mother, stealing isn t the answer Especially to keep doing it hide spoiler Another interesting cozy series, this one involving pets and costumes I admit when my little Austin was alive I would dress him in a denim coat He also had a reflective tradie coat, a dracula costume, bow tiesyou get the idea So the theme behind this one wasn t new to me, haha Maybe when my Paddy Pupper grows up I ll even buy him his own few accessories.The murder mystery was especially good for a first mystery, and the romance was sizzling If this was the beginning, then I can t wait to read the rest It should be an awesome ride Can t wait to read , five stars Well, I liked the characters and the setting, but a would someone who runs a pet boutique really forget a murdered customer s pet and b it didn t really have a satisfying ending Yes, they found out whodunnit, but in the end, the victim s attempts to stop the developer utterly failed. Paws For Murder is the first book in the A Pet Boutique Mystery series.I love pet related mysteries and this a great beginning for a new series.Izzy McHale is putting the final touches for the opening of her pet boutique, Trendy Tails Izzy designs and makes clothes for pets and her best friend Rena bakes wonderful treats for pet crowd As they get ready to open the doors for a grand opening party, Sherry Harper, begins to picket in front of the store Sherry has many causes for which she pickets, but the picketing in the last thing Izzy needs as she starts her new business As the party is wrapping up and things being cleaned up, Izzy takes the trash to dumpster in back and discovers the lifeless body of Sherry When it is learned that Rena had left the store about the time Sherry was killed, she becomes a prime suspect Izzy then contacts Sean, who was sweet on her during high school and who is now a lawyer, to help her gather information that clear Rena.There are many in Merryville who are sad to learn of Sherry s passing, her activist stand has riled many The book has many enjoyable characters who provide a few chuckles to go along with the mystery Aunt Dolly and Ingrid Whitfield, Izzy s landlord, are a lot of fun Particularly enjoyable is Aunt Dolly who is using her feminine wiles to distract Izzy s neighbor, Richard Greene, from pursuing his desire to have Trendy Tails shut down for being a nuisance.Looking forward to the next book in this enjoyable series. The story didn t flow at all, and the pace was very slow I liked how th pet theme was incorporated I think the book wanted to be too many things It wanted to be about a pet botique, then a romance, then a mystery, but it all got jumbled.