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This books is a story about some nuns who have different and strange background and who are either trying to get away from this nun ship or want to involve deeply into it.Either way they end up getting outside the place they spend their lives and to see the world and how it is working and doing now.With a lot of tragedies and up and downs in these women s lives, this story progresses.Having read considerable number of books by Sidney Sheldon, I thought it could have been entertaining than his other works. A good read but far from perfect 1 Not a single likeable memorable character in the entire book2 The entire backdrop of Spanish Civil war didn t have major impact 3 Too many characters, each with his detailed backstory which had no relevance to the main story OK except 1 Not the auhor s best work But overall a good read So 3 5 It failed to disappoint I love this book The first time I read it I was just a sopho student in high school and I just couldn t put it down It really different from the usual stories that I was used to reading I promised myself then that I will buy a copy of my own.I started collecting books then with John Grisham s and Agatha Christie s works It was so hard to find this book from second hand bookstores I couldn t afford to buy a new one since I was still a student and lived on a tight budget.Finally, I found a good copy for only Php150 Lucky huh will give the review next time D When I finished reading this book, my first reaction wasI mean, after all the excruciating details for the bull run, the convent, what happened with Sister Teresa in the military camp and some other things that I cannot remember any I did mention in my other reviews that I do not have a good memory , I found the ending somewhat lacking Okay, to be perfectly honest, I found the ending totally lacking After reading this book and after my what the hell moment, I really wanted to hit something or even someone So just to satisfy my bloodlust I just watched UFC Reading this book was mentally tiring.This is just my opinion though. The Sands Of Time Is The Tale Of Four Nuns Who Are Abruptly Forced To Flee The Secure Environment Of Their Spanish Convent And Face A Hostile World They Long Ago Abandoned Suddenly These Four Women Find Themselves Pawns In A Violent Struggle Between The Outlawed Basque Underground Movement, Led By The Charismatic Jaime Mir , And The Spanish Army, Under The Command Of The Vengeful Colonel Ram N Acoca, Who Is Bent On Destroying All Of ThemMegan, The Orphan, Would Give Anything To Learn The Identity Of Her Parents She Fights Against Her Overpowering Attraction To The Legendary And Idealistic Jaime MirLucia, The Fiery Sicilian Beauty, Is Wanted By The Police, But Risks Her Future And A Fortune To Save A Dying RevolutionaryEven The Serenity Of The Convent Cannot Wipe Out Gracielas Nightmares Of The Past How Can She Again Face A World Of Carnal Love It Is Teresa Whose Confused Conscience Finally Drives Her To Seek Help From Colonel Ram N Acoca, A Terrible Mistake That Will Betray Her FriendsThe Sands Of Time Is An Unforgettable Adventure, Told Against The Backdrop Of The Fascinating Countryside Of Spain It Combines History, Romance, And Suspense With The Unexpected As usual, yet another sensational fiction by Sidney Sheldon If you are fishing for a good book to hang out with, I would suggest The sands of time It really does justice Cheers Four nuns find themselves suddenly thrust into a hostile world they long ago abandoned for the safety of the convent Unwittingly they become pawns in a battle between the charismatic Jaime Miro, leader of the outlawed Basque nationalists, and the ruthless Colonel Ramon Acoca of the Spanish Army.Four women and the men they are forbidden to love.. An okayish thriller I know it is a story and one should not have too many questions but still there were many things not very convincing The premise was good This is the second book I have come across of a convent with the code of silence followed by its inhabitants But the atmosphere was so different from The Beautiful Mystery which was a five starrer for me.It is the story of four nuns who escape from their convent during a military attack on it and of the rebel leader Jaimie Miro How all their lives become entangled is the crux of the story But I have may unanswered questions view spoiler But all in all an entertaining read. The difference between a rebel and a patriot depends upon who is in power at the moment Sidney Sheldon, Sands of TimeThe Sands of Time is an action packed novel published in 1988 by the Master of Unexpected, Sidney Sheldon The story is set 37 years after the Civil War in Spain or the Spanish Inquisition which lasted from 1936 1939 Remember, that Civil War was one of the bloodiest civil wars in history More than half people lost their homes and lives in the battles for power between the Republicans and the rebel Nationalists in Spain.Going back to the real setting of the story Dated 1976 in Madrid Spain, the Spanish government ruled by a authoritarian leader, Leopoldo Martinez had a conflict with the Catholic church Leopoldo Martinez believes that the church has been hiding and aiding rebels inside their convents Consequently, he decided to threaten the church which resulted to violence that forced four 4 women to leave the Spanish convent and seek a fight to death against the government. I couldn t put it down at all I never wanted to stop reading it, it was a really addicting and enticing read But then we are talking about Sidney Sheldon aren t we Though I think at a point in the middle I thought the flashbacks were getting a little too much, but then I found myself grateful for all that knowledge The character development was precise and each character had an intricately drawn past which was explained in detail And that does sound awesome. Either I am going to reallyyy regret my decision to read Mr Sheldon or it might be the start of a beautiful love story starring me and his books But keeping in mind my history with suspense thriller chances are of latter.