Renegade With A Badge Silhouette Intimate Moments No 1079

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10 thoughts on “Renegade With A Badge Silhouette Intimate Moments No 1079

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    Renegade with a Badge just got better and better and after a not so great start I ended up loving the heroine OliviaOlivia Galapas grew up wealthy she is educated and refined and an oceanographer She has worked hard for her career and being the only woman Latino she is often put in the lime light in her institute which she doesn't like She has been getting to know Ernesto for the past three weeks during her stay in Mexico and likes him she attends his party where the shocks don't stop First there are way too many guards then she runs into a man Rafael who threatens to shoot anyone if she tells anyone he was there and then Ernesto tries to rail road her into an engagement and all of this ends in Rafael and Ernesto beating the crap out of each other and Olivia making an impulsive decision to save RafaelRafael was born to parents who were illegals and even now speak only Spanish He's a DEA agent working undercover to bust Ernesto for him it is personal since he killed his eldest brother He doesn't think much of Olivia after all she is hanging out with Ernesto and is rich and the way she talks He calls her princessAs soon as she helps him she has second thoughts but Rafe takes her along anyways to meet his partner and friend Bobby Olivia thinks he's a drug runner but then Rafe later on tells her the truth about Ernesto she doesn't believe it she doesn't want to since that would mean she a scientist who prides herself on her judgment was blinded but she doesI loved the inter play between these two how when her feet get all blistered and Rafe gives her his socks they kind of argue Then the moment when they hide out in the small cave and she is terrified of scorpions Rafe is affected deeply by the proximity and has a really hot dream Later on they kiss and Olivia is kind of shocked that she is attracted to a criminal I loved Bobby as well he was so humorous and sarcastic at the most weird moments The book was action packedOlivia realizes that even if these two are criminals they are putting their lives on the line to save her and get her to safety back home Later on when she is shot then I loved her the most she showed spunk while poor Rafe was so worried that he was blabbering and almost on the verge of fainting He realizes that he's fallen for her she comes from a whole different world from him and this may just be a moment out of time for her Olivia is perceptive she notices that these two speak Spanish but use a lot of American slang and when she deduces that they are not bad men she is madAnd they have such funny conversations like when Olivia says you called my arms fat and can we make out I just plain loved her and Rafe was great as well he melts over herThe book was such a surprise for me Loved it

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    Used Good Light spine creasing

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    I did not want this one to end The characters were excellent the story was great Truly love this one