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Yoga Brings Not Only A Suppleness To The Body But Also A Sense Of Spiritual And Physical Well Being To Those Who Practice It Featuring Over Postures From The Main Schools Of Yoga, The Yoga Bible Is The Ultimate, Comprehensive Guide To Practicing Yoga And Finding A Mental And Physical Balance In Life The Book Encourages Yoga Beginners And Experts Alike To Find A Yoga Sequence That Suits Their Personal Needs And Abilities

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    I wanted to give a nice little plug for this nice little asana book I couldn t resist buying when I found it in the local Harvard Coop almost 200 asanas in a book that fits snugly in the hand Dense in terms of information per paragraph or bullet point , to the point, practical, and perfectly arranged so all you have to do is look, do the pose, check, turn the page and repeat I ve now made my yoga routine into THIS, just following it through and then starting over again The asanas are ordered somewhat how you would find them in ashtanga yoga Each pose is named in English and Sanskrit, captured in several pictures and with numbered instructions, plus a little information box on where to put the gaze, preliminary and counter poses, easier methods, and effects.The intro to the book has a brief but very informative overview of yoga philosophy and practice After the asanas come chapters on relaxation, pranayama, seals mudras , internal energy locks bandhas , yogic cleasning practices kriyas , as well as sections on yoga for specific ailments and a sort of gazeteer to the world of different yoga styles If you are looking for something incredibly practical, that you can just pick up and start into without a hundred pages of metaphysics, this book is for you I highly recommend it for its small size you won t be worried about bringing it with you onto the gym s stretching floor , ease of use and directness A great buy

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    Best yoga book out thereEasy to follow and the pictures make it so much interesting The bible for all yogi

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    I got it as a supplement to my power yoga class at the gym It covers briefly yoga philosophy, history, breathing, bandha, and a large part is dedicated to poses, counter poses There are many clear pictures and cover a lot of poses, the book is good size, square, smaller and condensed Since it is a rather small book, not a lot are in depth and I have quickly grown out of it Whilst I am sure that this book can be of some use, the only reason I would not recommend it is because it focuses too much on poses without going through the basic first One common misconception is people assume yoga is all about flexibility and stretches This is not right The aim of ashtanga yoga is to build strength as much as flexibility and find the ultimate balance between two opposite extremes People need to avoid this trap of thinking of yoga as a kind of extortionist feast, blindly copy how the poses LOOK and try to force themselves into postures that they are not ready for, without understand the anatomy, strength needed, breathing, internal lock bandha involved Without these, injuries are bound to happen sooner than later and yoga would do harm than good, especially with no supervision Asana s poses postures are only tip of the iceberg To reap the benefits of yoga and avoid getting injuries, a good teacher is irreplaceable I would recommend other yoga classic books as supplement, such as those by Jois or Iyengar, or a thorough book Ashtanga Practice and Philosophy by Maeller.

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    I love this book The poses are provided with their Sanskrit names and a brief intro of the pose s benefit Then a nice intruction follows, which is numbered, making it easy to remember Pictures are well suited and aid the instruction Finally, a little blue box with extra info tells about counter poses, build up poses, ways to lighten the pose, and effect of the pose As a yoga teacher designing sequences, this is one of many books I ve referred to so many times, the binding is falling apart Great resource.

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    I absolutely loved this book, it s a great beginner s guide that introduced me to Yoga basics, as well as the many styles of yoga and how best to structure a session.I sometimes had to look up poses on Youtube to see how they were performed but other than that, it was a really clear and helpful guide, and I ll definitely purchase my own copy when I can.

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    This yoga book definitely contains adequate information about yoga It includes preliminary practices ie warm up poses at the start of yoga session and also sufficient information about each yoga pose It tells us the build up poses for each pose poses we do before advancing into certain poses which I find very helpful and also counter poses Some basic information such as the effects and variations of each yoga pose are also provided However, what I find lacking in this bible is the classification of poses according to beginner, intermediate and advanced level which, in my opinion, is important for people who intend to self practise The poses are classified according to whether they are seated poses or standing poses or inversions etc instead Nevertheless, this is still a great yoga book and the author included at the end of the book information regarding the special uses of yoga which people with certain ailments for examples, diabetes, fatigue, obesity etc will find it helpful I personally would recommend this book to people who already have some practical experience with yoga learning from certified yoga instructors By possessing some practical experience, reading this book will make sense and it will be easier to incorporate the information learnt in this book into practice Absolute beginners are certainly not recommended to experiment with this book to avoid any unnecessary physical injuries.

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    Informative book with a nice forward and plenty of poses with detailed descriptions The only reason I gave this four stars instead of five is because I really would have preferred to have the different poses listed in the table of contents or in an index with links in the back This might only be a problem because I m using the ebook version on the kindle app on my computer, but as I live in French Polynesia I sadly can t order the print version Other than that, highly recommended.

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    This book will definitely make you curious about the yoga practice It will walk you through all the steps you need to take in order to be ready for the practice After you had finished it, for sure yoga would be part of your good life For me it was the beginning of a new, misterious and challenging journey.

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    This is a brilliant book for anyone looking to begin yoga It s helpful and gives a lot of detail including where your gaze should be, what each position is best for and adjustments for position that may not be suitable for everyone.Definitely worth the money

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    This is a very comprehensive book about yoga It gives a good overview to yoga philosophy, styles, asana, breath work, and meditation It would be good for a beginner but I also found it beneficial to enhance my teaching and practice of seven years.