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This Source Book Brings Together Classic Texts By And About Thomas More Poet, Scholar, Statesman, Family Man, Educational Reformer, Philosopher, Historian, And Saint Thomas More Is The First Major Figure Of The English Renaissance, Acclaimed In His Own Age But Surprisingly Unstudied In Our OwnIn Addition To Serving As An Introduction To More S Life And Writings, This Collection Is A Helpful Companion To The Study Of More S Literary And Philosophical Masterwork, Utopia, And To The Study Of Sixteenth Century History, Literature, Philosophy, Or Politics The Writings Focus Upon More S Articulations Of Education, Political Theory, Church State Relations, Love And Friendship, Practical Politics, And The Vexing Issues Of Conscience They Shed Light On The Distinctive Christian Humanism That More Expressed And Embodied Also Included In This Book Are Three Famous Sixteenth Century Accounts Of More S Life By Erasmus, Roper, And A Team Of London Playwrights Including William ShakespeareGerard B Wegemer Is Professor Of English At The University Of Dallas An Expert On Thomas More, He Is The Author Of Numerous Works Including Thomas More On Statesmanship And Thomas More A Portrait Of Courage Stephen W Smith Is Assistant Professor Of English At Hillsdale College And Is Coeditor Of Shakespeare S Last Plays Readings In Literature And Politics

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    I learned a lot about St Thomas More and his approach to life One of the most profound things I learned was that he was God s servant first and then King Henry s but never in opposition to Henry St Thomas More begged Henry not to put him on the spot and at first Henry agreed but later, Henry must have begun to feel less confident and did indeed press More to make a statement in support of the king s actions Thomas More could not not only because Henry s actions rebelled against the Church but also because Henry was taking power upon himself than was due to a king But Thomas More was opposed to anarchy and disorder perhaps than anything and he remained loyal to the king by not saying anything Eventually, that was not enough, as we know But it was wonderful to see it from his perspective I loved getting to know the story from More s point of view and trying to decipher what was really on his mind.