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Leo is the average confused teenager who’s lost in a world that he doesn’t understand His past is a distant memory of a faded dream and his future is anything but certain After waking in a prison made of ice he’s kidnapped and thrown into the strange timeless city of Parcel Nera worked hard to bring honor and recognition to her family’s ludus Some of Parcel’s most fierce gladiators can be found training under her roof She demands complete obedience from her slaves and her eccentric nature yields only to her insatiable desire for anything or anyone who defies the norm When she sees a frail young boy with abnormally blue eyes being sold in the Forum she cannot resistYears passed and Leo had finally started to fit in when a horrific accident in his master’s gravity bay changed everything Not even the strongest of fighters ones who’d trained at the highest levels could’ve survived it but somehow he did Now he must face a whole new set of dangers and only time will tell if he’s strong enough to survive

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    First to review I bought Parcel on a whim when I went on a shopping craze after getting my new Kindle along with like 10 others I've never heard of I'm really glad I did It's actually the first novel I couldn't stop reading since The Hunger Games and that's saying a lot because I'm obsessed with that series The main character Leo is pretty awesome I like how his self esteem goes from non existent to godly by the end of the book I won't say anything else but this one is definitely worth a read The only reason I'm giving it four stars is because the page length was just a little on the low side Hopefully the next book in the series will be longer

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    A boy comes to and finds himself immobilised in what seems to be a cocoon of ice He remembers nothing and upon being freed by a mysterious pair of men soon finds himself sold into slavery in a world which seems to be a weird mix of ancient Rome and futuristic technologyFour years later and Leo Leonidus named by his new mistress discovers that he has uncanny capabilities which he and no one else can explain or understand Beginning his gladiatorial training all he can think about is earning enough to buy his freedomSo quite a lot of this book is essentially setting the scene for what is to presumably come in the next book By no means a difficult read there's quite a lot of Leo training andwell in all honesty I can't remember what else Stuff I guess There is an interesting system of training for gladiator fights special rooms in which the gravity can be increased for training purposes so that eventually the fighters are faster and stronger when returned to normal levels of gravity Whether this would actually happenI don't know and not at the levels they are exposed to I also didn't understand why the rooms could go up to levels that no human being could withstand surely that's just completely pointless?Anyway the ending is a vaguely interesting twist but not enough to induce me to carry on reading this series I don't think

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    it's sad that this book only has one review the author must be new Parcel was a pretty awesome read I spent an entire afternoon and night on it until I finished Leo main character is pretty cool I personally liked Ethos a little better with his quirky and chipper attitude towards fighting the author needs to hurry up with the second book in the series because the end left me dying to know whats going to happen next

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    Really great concept a futuristic world full of gladiator style fighting and new physics I definitely wanted to find out about Leo and his past I enjoyed the gravity training and the fight scenes I think if the author focuses on creating powerful stakes for Leo possibly tied to his past and what he lost as well as much detail about this fantastic world of the future this series could really go places

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    I really enjoyed reading this book I was so caught up in the story that I was sad when it ended The story was original and easy to read The characters were likable and the author paints a great pictures of the city I can't wait until the next book

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    Cool concept Can tell it is self published the writing needs polishing Note to author regimen does not equal regiment I would love to see this get picked up and cleaned up because the concept kept me reading

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    Parcel is the debut novel of Austin Quinn and it is a strong showing of force from the young author Our modern teenage protagonist Leo wakes from an icy prison with amnesia only to find himself in yet another prison—this one being a Romanesque city surrounded by an enormous and impassible WallThe city of Parcel is a throwback to ancient Rome complete with coliseum games and an autocratic ruler The favored gladiatorial matches now dominate the Bygone Coliseum and the wealthiest houses train slaves and convicts to become the strongest fighters Leo is a stranger in this land and he is auctioned off as a scrawny slave to one of the powerful houses that of the lady Domina When he survives a freak accident in the house’s gravity bay one which should have pulverized him Leo is submitted to the brutal training and deadly lifestyle of a coliseum gladiator with an ultimate goal of regaining his memory and dealing justice to those who took him from his homeThe first chapter starts off by drowning Leo—and the reader—in a torrent of confusion It is not enough to start off with a story in a strange world—we’re being born into it with a sense of bewilderment given only a single memory to hold onto while we wonder at the protagonist’s origins It takes a while for the story to establish itself the first few chapters gave some details that are alluded to later on but the actual meat of the plot didn’t start until a good while into the book The author takes this opportunity to give a good feel for the world solidly setting the scene and providing a clear image of the social dynamics of ParcelI found Leo to be instantly likeable with a sarcastic personality and kind disposition compensating for the lack of character background We can’t judge him from his past actions friends or family yet we can form a pretty good idea of the kind of person he is early on in the story The larger than life Ethos is a fantastic friend for the modest Leo and Nera Domina makes for a harsh yet quirky mistress—“mistress” being apt in every sense of the word The relationships that develop are organic though the romantic potential between some characters feel underdeveloped—this will probably read hopefully be expanded upon and resolved through the rest of the Emperium seriesThe other reviews are correct in calling this story a page turner There are so many unique ideas creatures and people in Parcel that half of the fun is in discovering something new about this ancient Roman townThe citizens of Parcel don’t speak with overly formal and stilted prose and the reason for it is very simple it isn’t set in ancient Rome There are contractions and contemporary phrases used throughout yet these are not anachronistic flaws It is another element of the plot and it also means that readers won’t be tripping over dialogue and descriptions as they stumble through the story Think of it as ancient Rome with modern tech and speechOne thing that is certain is that this is not a complete story in and of itself Parcel is just the first in a series and it lays a lot of groundwork without providing much conflict resolution There are a lot of introductions to characters and concepts but then the story ends kind of abruptly Also in comparison with the rest of the book and how powerful Leo ultimately becomes I thought the last few pages were very weak It feels like a less than organic growth to the story and I don’t think Leo reacts naturally to how his world is going to change in the rest of the series I am fearful that Leo will become a puppet for artificially advancing the plot making irrational decisions or easily accepting unacceptable changes but for now he is still in control and the rest of the book was fantasticIn the Kindle version there seemed to be some issues with justification and alignment shifts There are a few typographical errors I noticed whether through improper word choice or a slip up in spelling—medial instead of menial effect instead of affect broadsided instead of blindsided etc Understandable mistakes and thankfully few in number but they were noticeable when they occurred These can be addressed by a quick editThe reading level is pretty basic so it should be an enjoyable read for almost all ages There is definitely a skew toward a younger audience mostly because Leo is only 17 years old by the end of the book but the writing is still engaging and the characters are complex enough that it doesn’t feel like the book is being dumbed down for the readerI enjoyed reading it and I think the author has some very inventive ideas that hopefully will proliferate throughout the series While I wasn’t a fan of the ending Parcel is still a very intriguing city and the series has a lot of potential I’m looking forward to reading the sequel55 stars

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    Parcel by Austin Quinn is a futuristic novel set in the distant future where Leo finds himself captured and brought to the glorious city of Parcel where he is enslaved by its inhabitants The author pays tribute to a classic episode of Star Trek in which Captain Kirk is captured and forced to compete in a gladiator arena Only in this case Leo is scooped up like Kunta Kinte in Roots considered as private property by the ruling elite He ends up in the House of Ludus Nera a patrician family whose slaves compete regularly in the Bygone Coliseum True to its name contests are staged in a fashion designed by the Emperor Ceciro as criminal punishment Only his successor Decimus has lifted restrictions so that one and all can engage in his bloodsportQuinn blends sci fi with ancient history in conveying images of both world throughout the narrative There is a gravity bay that increases mass while increasing gravitational force turning contestants into superhuman behemoths to enhance their destructive capabilities As a result these scientifically altered freaks are able to wreak increasingly levels of damage upon each other Aurora the slave of Tarcius takes pity upon Leo and does her best to appeal to his human nature rather than watch him descend to the level of the bloodthirsty brutes of the coliseum His mistress Domina also becomes affected by Leo’s plight and soon begins to realize the depths of barbarism to which this technically advanced society has fallenThe combat scenes are interspersed with dramatic introspection and the narrative provides us with an incisive scenario as we question whether preserving our heritage and traditions requires us to inherit the evils that defiled and destroyed it Parcel by Austin Quinn gives us food for thought and plenty of fast paced action to help us work it out

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    An intriguing book it sucks you into the story from the outset The hero who doesn’t know where he comes from is transported into a Roman type civilisation where he is enslaved by a master mistress and is made to become a gladiator Most of the story describes his training and how he becomes physically enhanced by ‘gravity’ synthesis There are some thrilling fights along the way and eventually he becomes the foremost fighter in the land and coveted by the emperor And there the book ends rather leaving the reader in suspense but as in many of these future fantasy books you are led to expect that the plot will be continued in the next volume It is very well written The character of the hero is very well drawn and sympathetic – a mixture of stoicism and mild humour – and one gets to identify with him closely but the other characters are sketched in and don’t really impinge The story is quite straightforward and never lacks pace though too much of the book is spent following the intricacies of the gravity training It is a good exciting read nonetheless

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    I really liked this book I enjoyed the way the author mixed ancient Rome with science fiction technology Good character development Appropriate for Jr High and up Nothing explicit Has something for everyone the arena romance and friend ship Good foundation was set for future books I give it 4stars