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What Do Google, Guilt, Musicals And Scarlet Johansson Have In Common Answer They Re All Good For The Jews But What About Christmas Or Jordan The Celebrity, Naturally Or Scientology Luckily The Judological Institute Of Spiritual Mathematics JISM Are Pleased To Reveal To The Outside World Yes, Non Jews Are Allowed To Buy This Book The Ancient Mystical Formula For Calculating Which People, Products And Places Is, In Fact, Good For The Jews Here The Secret Art Of Judology Think Of It As A Third Cousin Of Kabbalah Will Reveal Big Brother Is , In Fact, Good For The Jews Since When Has Someone Watching Your Every Move, Listening To All Your Conversations, NOT Been A Jewish Experience EBay , Of Course, Is Not Where Else Can One Happily Buy Hitler S Nasal Trimmer Or Mint Conditioned First Editions Of Mein Kampf Additional Help In Getting The J Factor Comes With Handy Lists Of Who To Marry, Which Jews Changed Their Names, And The Essential Vacation Spots That Are Good For The Jews One Final Note Please Do Not Borrow This Book From A Friend Or Library As Borrowing Is Not Good For The Jews Buying Is Heimische