❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Limited Engagement: Kirkland College 1965-1978, an Intimate History of the Rise And Fall of a Coordinate College for Women Author Samuel Fisher Babbitt – Multi-channel.co

After Three Years Of Planning, Kirkland College Opened In As A Small, Liberal Arts College For Women, Coordinate To Hamilton College In Upstate New York The Author Was The First, Last And Only President Planners Envisioned A Female Counterpart Of Hamilton Which Could Introduce Women Without Distressing Alumni, And Allow Needed Curricular ExpansionBut Kirkland S Advisors And Administrators Wanted Innovation Its Openness, Inclusiveness And Curricular Choices Were Affronted Many Hamiltonians When, At Last, Kirkland Sought Further Support To Undertake A Necessary Endowment Campaign, Hamilton Let The Young College Go Under In A Contentious And Wasteful Way It Closed In