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Did Jesus The Disciples Actually Exist Are They Literary Fictions Like Jesus How Did Jesus Get A Biography Was Nazareth Inhabited At The Turn Of The Era Which Is The REAL Bible This Collection Of Of Zindler S Articles, Speeches, And Essays Contains Critiques Of Christianity, Judaism, And Islam, Including Material Relating To The Controversial Danish Mohammed Cartoons

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    This is an excellent compendium of articles from American Atheist magazine by Frank Zindler He touches on the bible, the koran, and the book of mormon A must read article is where jesus never walked He points out the unbelievable problems with new testamant geography I have not read the other volumes but based on this they are worth it.

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    Full disclosure The author was kind enough to send me a copy for review I am also working on an anthology on Jesus Mythicism with the author, among others thus, the courtesy copy.This collection of essays originally published in American Atheist Magazine is fantastic Beginning with Chapter One Did Jesus Exist I recall reading about a hundred pages the first night, getting through to about chapter five in the first sitting If anyone wants a quick collection of essays, hitting most of the main reasons for concluding Jesus was not a historical figure, the first few chapters in this volume are perfect.I skipped through Chapter Nine which discussed the Star of Bethlehem After you conclude Jesus did not exist, it becomes somewhat pointless to analyze other parts of the story It s like realizing the Iliad is a great poem and fiction yet looking for the tomb of Hector Doesn t seem like a worth while pursuit.At any rate, the rest of the volume is filled out with discussions on the Ten Commandments and the controversy with displaying them in public places, the complications on which Bible is the real Bible how it came to be put together and all the sects that accept some while rejecting other manuscripts There s chapters on Mormonism and then finishing with some chapters on Islam and prohibitions of drawing Muhammad and other odds and ends.This volume is something you can pick up and start anywhere It s a volume I ll revisit when referencing topics it covers There are three other volumes in Zindler s series, Through Atheist Eyes I m sure to get them all.