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Anthony D Collins Has Always Had A Purpose That He Tried To Deny Over And Over Again But Without Any Delays He Finally Took All The Confirmations From Friends And Associates That His Positive Words Should Be Shared With The World His Life Testimonies Have Helped People All Over The World Anthony Decided That He Could Do And That Is Exactly What He Is Doing With This Book He Always Says Just Sit Back And Allow Him To Do All The Positive Work And Fill Your Lives With Inspiration

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    Kudos to Anthony D Collins on his first novel I felt so proud to see an African American man beat the odds by dusting the dirt off his shoulders Anthony sets a fine example for young men who may be feeling hopeless and helpless with their plot in life Anthony fell down many times, but learned a lesson from each fall He shares the lessons he s learned in this debut novel While this is not an autobiography, Anthony gives real life examples of his personal experiences and how having a positive attitude is a healthy start to a productive life The way you feel and how you view yourself is the type of energy that you will put out into the universe It is also the type of energy you will get back Life is outstanding because we were all blessed with a purpose in being here We have to live in the moments, enjoy each day, and no matter what happens, try to see the positives even in a bad situation Let s be clear, Anthony is not unrealistic in his approach Life can be hard, so it doesn t mean people should put on a phony smile or fake being happy when they re not It does mean that when times are hard, we have to work harder to be happy, because happiness is not always automatic It operates like a shift gear When you feel yourself neutral shift gears When you feel like you need to park, sit still and regroup Overall, I enjoyed this book of positive affirmations For me, Anthony s book was a reminder to see life as a joy I think our youth and young men who are struggling will especially benefit from this I m looking forward to reading books by Mr Collins.

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    I ve always believed that everyone has a story to tell For surely, we are not born as great men and women We do not enter into this world with all of the answers Life is Outstanding is about Anthony D Collins journey into a deeper consciousness I was so encouraged by how Anthony opened up, sharing his deepest struggles, as he was essentially forced to look at life in different light He proves right, the saying, It s not how you start the race Anthony s debut novel provides powerful insight, allowing readers to not only read about his life, but also learn from his challenges He also provides the steps that he needed to take when at the lowest point, as well as how he continues to achieve greatness in his life I commend him for not being too proud to confess that he s been fearful, and speaking to readers about fear We can get caught up in a belief that we just simply cannot display our vulnerabilities or even discuss our spirituality openly Having an attitude of gratitude and a greater OVERstanding, he is such an inspiration to many.Having met Anthony through social media, I ve gained a high level of respect for what he continually sends into the atmosphere His outline for living sheds light on the behind the scenes of Anthony D Collins, as he makes key decisions and conscious choices to demand only the best in his life, and in every area of his life Highly recommended reading I encourage others to not only purchase for themselves share this motivational reading with others that need an extra push.

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    Life is Outstanding is an outstanding read Ten chapters filled with insight, sage wisdom and tools to reach your greatest heights, Life is Outstanding should be in every home I really enjoyed reading about Anthony s perspective on life and I appreciated and enjoyed reading about his personal experiences and how the tools in this book have helped him achieve the success and abundant life he has today Kudos to Anthony Job well done.