Free ePUB Can Liberal Pluralism Be Exported?: Western Political Theory and Ethnic Relations in Eastern EuropeAuthor Will Kymlicka –

Many Post Communist Countries In Central Eastern Europe And The Former Soviet Union Are Being Encouraged, Indeed Pressured, By Western Countries To Improve Their Treatment Of Ethnic And National Minorities And To Adopt Western Models Of Minority Rights But What Are These Western Models Will They Work In Eastern Europe Here, Will Kymlicka Describes A Model Of Western Liberal Pluralism, Discussing What Would Be Involved In Adopting It In The East This Is Followed By Commentaries From Activists Involved In Minority Rights Issues, Both As Practitioners And As Academics, And Kymlicka S Replies To Their Analyses Sure To Interest Anyone Concerned With Ethnic Conflict, This Volume Will Spark Discussion Among All Those Struggling Over The Question Of Whether Western Liberal Values Can Or Should Be Promoted In The Rest Of The World