download ePUB "A" is for Axel: An Ice Skating Alphabet Edition 1. (Sports)Author Kurt Browning –

E Bro Just In Time For The Winter Olympic Comes This Exciting New Spin On The ABCs Join Four Time World Champion Figure Skater Kurt Browning As He Glides And Dances Through The Alphabet, Explaining The History, Techniques And Memorable Moments Of The Sport This whole series of Alphabet books is nicely done You can read the shorter story on the main part of the page, and you can also read the in depth story in the margin of the page Nice illustrations. In rhyme from A to Z, Kurt Browning better skater than rhymer takes the reader through the highlights of ice skating Each point has detailed information in side bars Very interesting, and beautiful illustrations. there is so much to love about this bookthe beautiful illustrations, the extra info about the skating world, the vocabulary used for the a z