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Core Concepts Of Accounting Offers Learners A Shortcut To Understanding The Basic Terminology And Fundamental Concepts Of Accounting This Handy Book Has Been Completely Revised It Captures The Full Text Of The Self Paced Workbook Approach Of Essentials Of Accounting, Eight Edition, Which Includes Important Accounting Concepts And Terms, A Clear Explanation Of Financial Statements, The Use Of Financial Accounting Information, And A Comprehensive Glossary Of Over Key Accounting Terms Other Key Topics Include Balance Sheet Changes Income Measurement, Accounting Records And Systems, Revenues And Monetary Assets, Expense Measurement The Income Statement, Inventories And Cost Of Sales, Noncurrent Assets And Depreciation, Liabilities And Equity, And Statement Of Cash Flows For Individuals Interested In Entering The Accounting Field

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    I think this book helped explain topics pretty well and provided helpful examples However, it had too many errors, such as there was the number 4, but it was supposed to be the dollars symbol Also, there was an area were the work for was written f or, it was too many of those minor errors This is what is frustrating that textbooks cost so much money, but there are too many minor errors.

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    Good overview of accounting with good examples