kindle Whats Bugging Your Pipes Author Abigail F. Cantor –

Microorganisms Are Most Likely To Blame If Your Plumbing System Has Discolored Water High Copper, Lead Or Iron Concentrations In The Water, Or Holes In Pipe Walls When These Types Of Problems Occur, Someone Gets Blamed For Them From The Plumbing Designer All The Way To The Municipal Water Utility Manager But, Everyone Involved In A Plumbing System S Development And Operation Can Play A Role In Preventing The Problems From Occurring In The First Place That Is Why This Booklet Is Written For Plumbing Contractors Building Contractors Insurance Companies Developers Real Estate Agents Municipal And Private Water System Managers Property Owners This Booklet Is A Resource On Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion For Its Understanding, Prevention And Remediation Of The Problems That Are Bugging Your Pipes

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