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According To Ancient Yogic Tradition, Your Soul Has Four Distinct Desires The Desire For Purpose, The Drive To Become Who You Are Meant To Be The Desire For The Means Money, Security, Health To Prosper In This World The Desire For Pleasures Like Intimacy, Beauty And Love The Desire For Spiritual Fulfillment And Lasting Freedom Learning To Honour These Four Desires Is The Key To Happiness, And To A Complete And Balanced Life But How Can You Discern What Will Truly Satisfy Your Desires How Can You Increase Your Capacity To Achieve Them What If Your Desires Seem To Conflict With One Another Is It Really Possible To Live A Spiritual Life While Also Wanting Material Pleasures And Success For Than Three Decades, Master Teacher Rod Stryker Has Taught Yoga In The Context Of Its Deepest Philosophy His Course, Called The Yoga Of Fulfillment , Has Helped Thousands Recognise Their Soul S Call To Greatness And To Achieve Their Dreams Now, In This Wise And Richly Practical Book, He Has Distilled Those Broad Teachings Into A Road Map For Becoming The Person You Were Meant To Be It Is Filled With Revealing True Stories, Provocative Exercises And Practices For Unlocking Your Inner Guidance And Even If You Ve Never Done A Yoga Pose, You Can Follow This Step By Step Process To Discover Your Soul S Unique Purpose The One You Came Into This World To Fulfill Recognise The Goal S You Need To Focus On At Any Given Time And Enliven Your Capacity To Reach Them Overcome Self Defeating Ideas And Behaviour Recruit Your Deepest Energies And Strengthen Your Resolve To Meet Any Challenge Learn To Live With Joy At Every Stage Of Your Growth The Four Desires Is Nothing Less Than A Complete Path Toward Living Your Best Life Possible A Life That Is Rich In Meaning And In Means, A Life That Attracts And Emanates Happiness

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    Very powerful book, written in simple yet motivating language Now a lot of homework to do Practice and all comes.