[PDF] ✓ Shore Chronicles: Diaries and Traveler's Tales from the Jersey Shore Author Margaret Thomas Buchholz – Multi-channel.co

What Was The Shore Like Before For Millions, Summer Means A Trip To The Shore Every Generation Brings A New Perspective And A New Sense Of Discovery Every Visitor Returns Home With Tales Of Their Experience Along This Beloved Sandy Coastline Shore Chronicles Enlightens Contemporary Shore Lovers With Fascinating Historical Perspective This Comprehensive Collection Begins With Adventure Travel In When The Shore Was Still A Wild Frontier It Concludes In With The Opening Of The Garden State Parkway, Which Brought With It Exponentially Visitors And Rapid Development A Total Of Accounts Illustrated With Historic Images Include Writing By Such Well Known Figures As John J Audubon, Walt Whitman, Robert Louis Stevenson, Stephen Crane And Arthur Conan Doyle But Just As Interesting Are Selections From Private Journals, Letters And Diaries From Unknowns Vacationing Or Visiting The Shore As Fresh As Their Experiences Are To Visitors Each Year, The Fundamental Attractions Of The Seashore Resonate Throughout Time Yet It Is Stunning To Read How Different The Landscape And Environment Was Before Development

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    I really enjoyed this book Very interesting stories about the NJ shore where my fathers family grew up and I have lived for over 20 years.