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Limbo is alluring sexy often comical and inevitably a sad story in which Tim Townsend a psychotic deaf man is on trial for murder in pre Katrina New Orleans The intense stress of the trial along with Tim's refusal to take his medication triggers bizarre visions and episodes of traumatic escape Tim's unusual travels begin with the on set of a hallucinatory circus in New Orleans that uickly toggles into the imaginary worlds of Altro Luogo the home of a group of creatures called 'The Virtues ' and O'cean the air and water world of a flamboyant God like fish named Feather fish In these fictionalized worlds Tim with the aid of his new friends search for hope redemption and absolution while his nemeses Mr Darwin Blackwell and his army of reckless reporters transpire to avenge the murder of Blackwell's only son Billy The story culminates dramatically with Tim's capricious decision made in the dark turbulent bowels of Hurricane Katrina

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