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Dessert The Perfect Remedy When Nothing In Life Seems To Be Going RightWhat Do You Do When You Are The Sole Protector Of Four Children, Your Brothers And Sisters When Each Day Is Haunted By Disappointment, Disillusionment And Desperation When You Believe That Everyone Who Ever Loved You, Including God, Has Abandoned You You Bake A Pie, Of CourseWhat Do You Do When You Find A Woman Whose Heart Is Consumed By Fear Who Does Not Know How To Trust Who Scoffs At Your Faith And Throws Your Kindness Back In Your Face You Eat A Pie, Of Course KB

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    Not reading the book, but that is some arm porn on the cover

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    Heather Gray created characters and a world that soon had me going without sleep The past two nights I was up until 2 in the morning reading The original plan had been to get my 3 year old to sleep then settle down and read for an hour, maybe two Time slipped away as I get swept up into the story of Mary Fitzgerald and her family This book is set in the Idaho Territory in 1878 Mary Fitzgerald will do anything to protect her siblings from their abusive father She bakes a pie, gets her brothers and sisters cleaned up, and goes to the church picnic hoping that someone will buy her buy and she can get married She does not care who she marries as long as she will be able to take her younger siblings with her Her father shows up at the picnic drunk Mary runs with her siblings to try to make it home When a wagon pulls up alongside of them she instinctively steps in front of her siblings The man in the wagon is Grady Carlisle, he and Mary used to play together when they were younger and he would spend the summers with his grandparents Reluctantly, Mary accepts his offer to help them by giving them a ride back to their farm his grandparents farm neighbors theirs Grady cannot help but notice the fear, uncertainty, and anger that radiate from these children He realizes that Mary is not the happy, carefree girl that she used to be Grady decides that he needs to help this family as much as he can while he is with his grandparents for the summer The next day he shows up to help clear out the drive, so the children will not get hurt when they walk to school and to make it easier to get a wagon through Really, he just wanted an excuse to be able to help this family and to see them again Grady comes from a Christian family, he does not push his Christianity onto the Fitzgerald children though Gigi is the youngest, she is talkative and dramatic She begins to open up to Grady right away Lizzie is quiet, seemingly shy, when she has something to say she says it Bobby, is eager to learn, he wants to start going to church with Grady Clive, the oldest boy has a chip on his shoulder Who wouldn t after being through the things that their Pa put them all through since their Ma died Clive wants to protect his younger brother and his sisters Mary worries that if he has to be around their Pa much longer that Clive will turn out to be like him believing that is the way a man should be Mary had to become a mother to her siblings when her Ma died Her Pa made her quit school so she could take care of the house She has done the best that she could to protect them from the violence that seemed to consume their Pa after their Ma died Mary took the brunt of his anger in order to shield them She has a hard time trusting she turned her back on God thinking that he had abandoned them when they needed him the most What will happen to the Fitzgerald clan Will Mary end up marrying a 90 year old man like she said she would just to escape her Pa Will Clive be able to work through his anger Will Gigi and Lizzie ever have a chance at a normal, happy childhood What about Bobby, will he be able to keep going to school, or will he have to do what he can to help keep the far going The farm that the children have to run by themselves and in secret so they do not anger their Pa Will Grady find a way to help without losing his heart to this family, especially Mary This book left me wanting I know there are books by this author, Ladies of Larkspur books and I will be getting those I still want to know about the Fitzgerald clan The only problem I found in the book was a proofreading problem towards the end There were three spots that drew me out of the book temporarily Twice, names got mixed up and once I had to re read a sentence several times because it made no sense to me I have seen far worse than this when it comes to editing, I am not sure I have come across an e book that has not had some mistake like this Despite those 3 moments though I was drawn right back in This book was absolutely delish I craved I loved the fact that God was present in this book I loved the messages that were given This book was not in your face, here you believe what I believe but it was wonderfully well written and the author has a wonderful grasp on how to reach people with her characters I found myself relating to some of the problems that the Fitzgerald children were facing I just can not tell you enough about this book.

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    I have loved every book that I have read by Heather Gray I binged on her one week, and read every book of hers that I had not yet read This author s books are encouraging, funny, and so well written One of my favorite quotes in this book is If I don t ever talk to Him, I won t know Him very well, will I And I loved this quote The journey from merely surviving to in God s grace thriving requires persistence There are also great themes about confronting fears, not keeping secrets because they separate people, and learning to trust This is a fun, fun book to read

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    Larkspur, Idaho Territory 1878 He glanced down to see Lizzie standing there She didn t say a word and kept her gaze focused straight ahead the entire time but she stayed right there by his side Grady reached out a hand, and she placed hers, small and timid, into his large work roughened one.Gigi and the boys had already raced ahead By the time Lizzie and Grady reached the front door, everyone else was seated and waiting for them Holding the door open for Lizzie, he gently squeezed her hand He felt the lightest return pressure before she let go of him and went to her seat His heart constricted Maybe he d imagined the whole thing Smiling to himself, he decided she couldn t have squeezed his hand She d been to busy reaching right inside his chest to squeeze his heart I love historical fiction and this book is a great example of why I love it so much Things were much simpler in 1878 Neighbor helped neighbor, families stuck together and God was often at the center of it all In the case of Mary Fitzgerald and her brothers and sisters, they had fallen away from God after their mother died because of the abuse and mistreatment of their father Mary was the oldest at seventeen and she always took the beatings that were meant for her siblings in order to protect them She was like a mother hen protecting her flock and I admired her strength and determination But she also had a great mistrust of God and people She felt her family had been abandoned by God and wanted nothing to do with him It was so great to see her relationship with God change and evolve into something tangible.Grady Carlisle, on the other hand, had been a believer his whole life and the only thing holding him back from a relationship with Mary was her unbelief Grady was such a great hero for the story He was only twenty one but he had the heart of someone much older He had a heart for giving and protecting those he cared about I loved the way he interacted with Mary s brothers and sisters, teaching them how to farm and improve things around their homestead He had a sweet tooth for Mary s homemade pies, too, especially strawberry.There were so many characters I loved in this book, Grady, the Wilkes, the reverend, Mr Livingston But the Fitzgerald family has to be my all time favorite family in any book I have ever read Little Gigi and her crocodile tears, Lizzie and her timid spirit and huge heart, Clive and his strong desire to be a man and protect his family, Bobby who was determined to make something of himself despite their circumstances and Mary with her strength and determination I really hope there might be future books about the other members of the Fitzgerald clan For me, this book had all of the aspects of a great novel It made me laugh as well as cry It had a great plot and the right amount of spiritual overtones The scene where Lizzie talks to the reverend about being saved was one of the most touching scenes I have ever read It talked about abuse, a subject that s not often covered in historical romances, and I thought that was a great addition to the storyline It was a real coming to Jesus story, a story of restoration, as the entire family had lost their way but eventually their relationship with God was repaired I knew I would love this book as soon as I read the first page because it drew me into the story and held me and I could barely put it down The first chapter of a book is critical for a reader and this one was excellent I also loved the tender scene where Grady returned to Larkspur and saw Mary for the first time The relationship between Grady and Mary progressed slowly throughout the book but that scene was so beautiful and left me smiling from ear to ear, the entire book left me smiling This is my second book by Heather Gray and I have been very pleased with both If you haven t read any of her books I recommend you give them a try and I suggest starting with this book because I know from my own reading experience that it is excellent I highly recommend it to anyone that likes historical romance Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author for my honest review The opinions expressed are mine alone I received no monetary compensation for this review.

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    3.5 starsTo start off with, I think the cover makes this book seem A LOT sexier than it really is This book is a inspirational historical romance and it has quite a bit of inspirational in it I personally don t mind that, but you should be aware because the cover might put into my head a different kind of romance story.This book had a slow, easy pace to it I enjoyed the story and the characters Mary is the glue that holds her family together She works so hard to maintain a home and take care of her siblings She is their protector and care giver Mary holds quite a bit of bitterness toward her community and her God She feels both abandoned her in her time of greatest need Grady swoops in and saves the day But not in a superman kind of way He is gentle and unassuming He shows up and works He holds to his commitments He gains trust and helps to transform a family Grady is a man.I love historical fiction and that s mostly what this is The romance is light and sweet The story made me want to eat pie Strawberry pie to be exact I wish I had a big slice of that sitting in front of me right now

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    Mary Fitzgerald has on her plate than the average 17 year old girl should she lost her mother when she was 14 and had to leave school and take over the house and raising her two brothers and two sisters Then her Pa is a mean man who drinks and gambles These five children walk on egg shells and try to avoid his nasty temper, with Mary taking the brunt of his verbal and physical attacks Grady Carlisle was a childhood friend but his parents live in Texas He has come to Larkspur, Idaho to help out his maternal grandparents over the summer Grady loves the Lord and believes the Bible, as do his grandparents, The Wilkes Mary is bitter Why would a loving God take her mother Allow her father to be abusive Mary has lost her faith in God and humanity Grady isn t preachy, but he is practical This story is the second in the series and can read easily as a standalone but it does pull into the story some people and elements from the first book It has love, loss, acceptance, faith and forgiveness This is a sweet historical romance with inspiration.

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    I think the cover of this book says it all Sweet Grady and Mary were adorable together Well, they were after Mary stopped running from God The story is one that you can easily see happening in the late 1800s The wife dies, the husband turns to alcohol and gambling which leaves the oldest child, in this case was Mary, to take care of the other children Add physical abuse to the mix and you can easily understand why Mary had trust issues Grady was determined to help the family while he was in town visiting his grandparents for the summer He s attracted to Mary, but refuses to get emotionally involved with a nonbeliever unfortunatley, someone forget to tell his heart Mary s siblings and Grady s grandparents are equally adorable There s also an epilogue which my have been my favorite part of the book Although I would recommend reading book one first, this book could easily be read as a stand alone book The characters from book one carry over, but not so much that you would feel like you had missed something I m looking forward to book three in the series.

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    Inspirational I wish I could give this book than five stars because it certainly deserves it This is a heartwarming Christian, Western, Sweet Romance so much It is about faith, love and hope I laughed, I cried, I cheered and I fell in love, but mostly I was inspired The love Mary has for her brothers and sisters the faith Grady has in God is nothing less than inspirational I am awed at how Heather Gray drew me into the story and didn t release me until I had it read This story will stay with me for a long time and I know I will go back and read it over and over again I will not hesitate to recommend this book to friends, family and acquaintances.in my opinion everyone should read this book I can t wait to dig into the next story in The Ladies of Larkspur series.

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    Mary and her siblings need a way to get away from their abusive father So she plans to make a pie for the pie auction at the church The man that buys her pie is about to get a marriage proposal He will also be taking on four younger siblings But her father arrives, drunk and angry, and ruins her plans But a young man, Grady, who is visiting his grandparents overhears He works all summer befriending the family and trying to find ways to make their situation bearable But can he walk away when the summer is over and he must return home This book is Christian fiction For some reason I wasn t sure by the cover It just didn t seem like the typical Christian fiction book covers I m use to seeing But cover aside, this was a sweet book It s a clean, heartwarming romance that is about faith, trust, family, and love I will be checking out future books by this author.

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    I was given this book to ready and review I didn t want to put it down once I got into it Trying to take care of her siblings has been Mary s fate since she was in her early teens Her father is a mean drunk that spends what money she and her brothers and sisters can make She feels God has forsaken her since her mother died She has know Grady since she was a child from when he visited his grandparents next door Grady sees the families plight and tries to help but must not appear to do too much or there pride will not let them accept his help Mary is often very harsh with Grady He finally sees that it is because she thinks he is taking her family from her He helps behind the scene Can she ever learn to trust Grady and God